Top 5 of January '15

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There've been so many  music launches the past few months, for upcoming movies, and I've alredy got some favourties on the repeat mode.

This time I’ll be posting only a top 5, as I don’t feel that many of the albums launched recently don’t have some “catchy” songs. So here’s my top 5, from some albums/movies that were launched in the last few months :)

The first one in this top 5, is a song I love soooo much. Love the way Anirudh has composed this love duet, from the movie Kaak Sattai - oh yeah, Sivakarthikeyan is SO freakingly cute, can't wait to see him playing a cop in this movie <3 - I like the beat, the melody, the voices and the lyrics so much in this song, so here you go :)



And here's my top 5 of this month:

1.Kaadhal Kan Kattudhe – Kaaki Sattai: Love love LOOOVEE this one <3

2.Pachai Vanna – Vai Raja Vai: Nice singing and music by Yuvan, especially the dubstep in the last part .)

3.Shake That - Kaaki Sattai: I think I've become an Anirudh fan, since I keep listening to his compositions all the time. This time is just a crazy dance number, and  love i!

4.I’m So Cool – Kaaki Sattai: Catchy one, by Anirudh. This guy is so talented. And the lyrics reveals the truth about some :P haha

5.Sundari Penne – Oru Oorla Rendu Raja: Composed by D. Imman, sung by Shreya Ghoshal - do I have to say more? ;)

Others ”on the” repeat are some older songs..

Enjoy ;)


New Year Special ;)

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Yes, then it became 2015! Hope you all entered the New Year in safe, and had a blast of celebration :)

My parents and I were celebrating at my “akka’s” (actually my cousin by western family tradition), as she was celebrating her birthday too! Yes, born on the new year day, it might be kinda awesome – even I find it awesome, as my birthday falls on the Tamil New Year (except from leap years), and I really find it awesome :D

Anyways, my akka didn’t know anything about the whole thing, and actually though we just came for celebrating new year’s eve. What she didn’t know was, that her husband and friend had arranged a smaller surprise for her, and have made a lovely birthday cake for her. As the clock turned 12am her children, some other children and I went into the living room with the cake while singing “Happy Birthday” for her. You should have seen her face! It was so nice to her so surprised and happy at the same time. She got a new saree from her husband, and my mom had stitched the saree blouse for her, so she dressed on and cut the cake. It was so amazing. Later on, we went outside and lighted our fireworks. It was great to see so much fireworks at once, I actually felt people was lighting much more fireworks this time than for the New Year 2014. Everyone was so happy this time, and there was a lot of laughter outside, and lots of joy :)

Same day, on the 1st of January, my parents and I went to the temple. It’s a tradition we keep doing every year, both for the Gregorian new year and the Tamil one, and I always feel inner peace while getting blessings at the temple.

LifeUpdate - End of 2014

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Once again,I've been so busy, and that's why I haven't posted anything on my blog for a while. December has been awesome, and has given me lots of hope for the coming year, 2015. As a starter to the coming new year, I decided to get a haircut - not only because I need a change, but also because my hair has grown very long - beautiful, but I wanted to "go back" to my fave style, which I consider to suit me much better, and make me look younger :P lol :P

Can you believe.. My last haircut was in summer 2013 Ö As I moved to Aarhus and started at work, I didn't really have time to think about my hair, so I let it grow as long as it could, but I finally got tired of this kind of hairstyle. I was a bit unsure about the hairdressers in Aarhus, so I googled for some results, and decided to try ID4U in Bruun's Galleri. Thought their prices are good, and then've some really good reviews on the net. I booked a haircut, which actually costs 395DK, but the hairdresser was so good and worked quickly, so she only took 245DKK for my hhaircut :) And she was very kind, and was ready to help you to get a perfect haircut.


Here're some before and after pictures :)





And here's the result - I just straightened my hair to get a dusty look:


Yes - I've got an iPhone 6 too, and I'm so much in love with it :D Being an Apple fanatic, this phone is the perfect one for me. Going from and 4S to 6 was a bit challening, because I really couldn't manage to hold it in my tiny hands, but know I just love this phone, and happy that I got it :)

Now waiting for the new year, gonna celebrate it with my lovely family. Hope the new one will bring happy moments and make me reach the goals I've set. 

God bless you all <3 :)

~ Jiny

Pearl India - Restaurant Review

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Thursday last week, I was with a friend from Odense. We went out for dinner that day, and as both of us love indian food, we decided to visit the Pearl India restaurant in Aarhus. I’ve been there before, and I liked their food pretty much, so I thought it would be great if my friend tried it too.

Pearl India has a nice atmosphere, the servant is so nice, and she answers every question and serves everything with a smile, and make you feel comfortable there. The menu card has something for everyone – even if you’re a vegetarian like me! :) My friend ordered a chicken masala, and I ordered a mutter paneer; that is a masala with peas and paneer. I love paneer so much. Both of us ordered rice, and my friend also ordered a naan bread, that we could taste. Last time I was there, another friend ordered naan too. Unfortunately we were not very much surprised with their naan, as it was very dry and tasted like something bought in a supermarket. But this time the naan was very good and soft, and it had a nice taste, and went very well with the mutter paneer too.

I have tried other indian restaurants, and I have to say, that Pearl India is the best one in Aarhus (mind my words) :) Compared to my favourite indian restaurant, Paprika in Odense, Pearl India’s cook have to make some more spiced food, with a bit more taste. I felt like something still was missing – I could’ve liked it thicker in its consistency and more taste in it – as it tasted like it was made with readymade masala powder. And the whole spice tasted like it was not really cooked well, and made in a hurry. Unfortnately. But it’s still good when you’re really hungry. I give Pearl India 3 out of 5 stars.

If you want to visit Pearl India:

Fredensgade 46

8000 Aarhus C

Here’re some pictures of what we got – and it’s a glass of water :P (sorry, the lightening was not so good)



~ AJ

Busy bee ;)

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It’s been a long time since I last blogged about my life. Last week was a very good one, we started the week out with a “theme day” with the section H, which our workplace is a part of. Theme day took place on the Helnan Hotel in Marselisborg. Never been there, but was kinda surprised, that we had to spend a whole day over there. It’s a beautiful palce, located at the Marselis seaside. 2 of my colleagues and I decided to take a walk to the hotel that morning, indeed very beautiful! I loved the place very much, and we got great food too, so yummy :)


This year, theme day was about of the users/patients involvement, and the importance of being involved in the solutions. Of course, this topic can be discussed, but I always try to involve my patients, because it is all about them and their life and quality of life.

Later that week was greater. I went to Odense on Thursday, as I had to instruct/lecture at the SDE (Syddansk Erhvervsskole) in the context of an AMU course. My former thesis supervisor, who works as an engineer, invited me and I immediately accepted this invitation, because I knew this would open of a huge chance to do what I really want to ;) It was a great experience, and the lecture went very well. Kinda proud of myself ;)



Later on I went out with my friends, it was so good too her again after a long time. Then I got together with some more friends, and we had a great weekend. I really love to be free on Fridays :D



Thursday evening another friend and I went out for dinner at the Restaurant Paprika in Odense. God, I love their food so much. This time, I ordered a Bombay Alloo with some rice. My friend ordered some naan, which tasted really good with the alloo too. I love spicy food. Yummy :)





I was really happy for being back in Odense and see my friends. I am indeed blessed with the best people in my life :)

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