Quick trip to Aalborg, Azzurra: Restaurant Review

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Hey guys, long time no see! :)

Well, I felt like spring was coming, but then the weather turned autumn, and it’s raining almost every day. OMG! Still waiting for summer to come ;)

I decided to go to Aalborg last Monday, as my brother lives there, and I had to buy him a new chaise lounge. So I took the train immediately after work, and was in Aalborg at 4pm.

We went to some furniture stores etc., and checked some chaise lounges out, and ten decided to book the one we found, from the net.  Later we went to the Kennedy Arkaden, and checked out some Audis (yes,  both my brother and I love Audis!). After checking out these we decided to go out for dinner, but at first we couldn’t really figure out what to eat, and then went to Restaurant Azzurra at Jens Bangs Gade, as I knew their café in Nordkraft, and my brother was talking about a veg lasagna they’ve got on their menucard.




I'll definitely recommend you to visit Azzurra (rest. or café) - they have some lovely menus, and there's even something really good for vegetarians too! :)

We both got this veg lasagna – actually one with spinach, and I was not that much into this one. But it tasted so good – never ate such a lovely lasagna before. I always felt lasagna was some weird food, but I wasn’t surprised, that Azzurra made this so much delicious – I’ve already tasted their pizza back in summer last year, and their service was on top too. Moreover the prices were fair too ;)

After our visit at Azzurra, we went home and booked the chaise lounge. Well, I hope he’ll like it :)

Good night!

~ AJ

LifeUpdate: New purchases

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Time for another ”new Purchases”-update on this blog – yes, I haven’t post anything for a while, it’s because I’ve been so busy ;)

If I really have any weakness – and yes, I have many – but this one is my worst weakness, and that is: scarves! Yes, scarves. I’ve bought some scarves, and have been trying to control myself, so I haven’t bought so many scarves,  but Erfurt in Bruuns Galleri has sales, AND I felt like I really had to buy something this time; and this is only because Erfurt has so many, beautiful scarves in a very good quality. And who declines when it’s even on sale?! :D


I bought 2 scarves this time; one in silk/modal in pink with some Indian-like design, and another one in cashmere in some purple-grey nuances. I love them both, and love the quality :)



And then, Saxo.com had a free-delivery campaign, so I immediately bought some books, that I’ve been thought about for a while: A Danish version of the Bhagavad Geethai (Yes, I have one in Tamil, but I felt I had to compare the 2 books), and the biography of Malala Yousafzai, and a book on medical communication.


I always love to spend money on books, because I know the money then goes to something useful, to boost my brain, which I feel is very important and valuable. Some people think, that it is enough to study, and after completing the studies, they don’t need to read any books, but I’m definitely not of that kind! You can use your whole lifetime just to keep learning new stuff, not only from books, but from a lot of experience too, instead of using your time and money on stupid stuff (sorry, but that what I call it). True or not? :)

Then my brother came, and he bought me some delicious chocolate from Xocolatl. I have 2 very major weaknesses, and the first one is scarves. The other one is chocolates. Especially those with marzipans and almonds :)

                               feb15 1


~ AJ

My Sri Lankan Tea! ;)

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One of my colleagues went to Sri Lanka – yes, Sri Lanka – for vacation. OMG, I felt like packing myself in her suitcase and enjoy the holiday too! Haha.

I already told her about the country, and all the places she had to visit, and I even thought her some tamil and Sinhalese words, just in case.. As it could be useful ;)

She came back 2 weeks ago, and was in an incredible love with the country. She, and her husband, went to the Maldives too, but it seems like she liked Sri Lanka more. Of course, everything there is cheaper too, and there are much more of adventure. She showed me some of the pictures taken over there, some of them were of the food, they got. I was very surprised, as she ate loads of hoppers (appam) and spring hoppers (idiyappam) with sambol/lunu miris, and they got so much delicious, spicy rice and curries too! God, I suddenly realized how much I miss Sri Lanka, and that I had to go back very soon. There are so much so experience, and I have to see my family ;)

Nike Love

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I ordered some clothing 2 weeks ago from nelly.com and zalando.dk. I was looking for some Nike stuff, for my lovely Nike collection, because I love Nike so much. I love their designs, and all their collections are awesome. Very stylish and colourful, in exactly the way I want it to be!


I feel Nike can be worn as both every day and workout clothes. I’ve already got numbers of Nike tops and pants, but I feel like I never can have too much of these wonderful clothes :D

This time, from nelly.com, I bought this Nike Tee Air Max t-shirt in white/pink, and it has the number 01 printed on the front, and the logo on the back – that’s why I like this one.



The other one is from the Nike Sports Wear collection, bought on zalando.dk – this one is fully pink with dotted print in lighter pinks and white, of the Nike logo. Lovely, isn’t it? :)


Besides this pinky t-shirt, I also bought a simple cardigan (from Vero Moda), as I felt I need something new for work. This one can be used with whatever you want, and create a very young and stylish look ;)

Have a great evening peopz :)

~ AJ

LifeUpdate: January '15

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January ’15 has been so awesome. Beside New Year, I really don’t like January, because it’s so cold and there’ll be a lot of snow. Yet this January was really awesome, with fun with friends and shopping – yes, January sale! Believe me, I’ve never been that much lucky when it comes to this kind of sale, because I’ve never been able to find something I liked, but this time, I found some great stuff, FINALLY! :D

I was not at home for Thai Pongal, neither last year, but my parents visited me last year as I was moving to Aarhus. This year was kinda strange, because I’ve used to celebrate Pongal with my family and eat a lot of delicious food and visit the temple. So I actually looked forward to come home that weekend. I posted some pictures in the last post, but I forgot to write about the sugarcane my dad’s bought for the pongal. My brother arrived on time, but what’s fun is that he wasn’t allowed to taste this sugarcane before I came home. Haha. I remember tasting the sugarcane for the very first time when I was I England once, I was 9 then. Then I also tasted it in Sri Lanka, and some here in Denmark too – of course they were all imported from Sri Lanka. My mom told me, that the more purple it is, the sweeter it is, and the more spaces between the rings on the cane, the better it’ll be, because then there’ll be less to throw out/waste.

This one was really purple, but unfortunately the spaced between the rings were small, so we had to throw away a lot of it – but even though we only got some small pieces, they were good :)



Here’s a picture of some of the clothes I bought. Some from Vila and some from Magasin. I was even lucky enough to buy a Tommy Hilfiger skirt for half price and a very beautiful top from Karen Millen, for half of the price too. Yay! ;)


Of course, this is just a small happiness, and I guess many people today think they’re so blessed, only because they are “rich” enough to buy expensive stuff. I actually don’t like this kind of attitude, and that’s why I just bought some expensive clothes on sale. Seriously. There are so many other things, that we can thank God for, and be proud and feel blessed about ;)

Last part of January was more awesome: I went to Odense to visit some friends. 4 girls for Uni, and we decided to have a sleepover at M’s. What a great weekend. It was so nice to see them all again, as we’re split all over the country since our graduation. We went to the Rosengårdcenter, and ate dinner at Jensens. I loooove their cheesecake so much :D


Later on we bought some candy and chips at Bilka, and went to M's apartment and watched some movies and Disney cartoons (yes, we still love Disney).


Then we went to drop L at her home.. And it was about 2.30 am. Was a bit strange to be back in Odense, but Iøve missed this town a lot.

Unfortunately, M has a cat, I’m really afraid of them. Whenever it came nearby I screamed like a freak, and I guess the cat got even more scared of me. Poor cat..


Breakfast at Baresso. :)

                      j157 2

And then L came to visit me in Aarhus, and we had a nice evening with delicious cake, and later lovely food at Pearl India :)

                     j157 1

And yes, my orchid looks a bit dead. OMG. Anyways, I'm still blessed ;)

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