Thulasi, I love you! ;)

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Hm, the weather has been so weird the last few days. The complete change in weather has caused in illness to many. I thought mu immune system would be strong enough, but I forgot that I tend to have some allergenic reactions as soon as april/may begins. This time I have not had anything like hay fever, but I’ve stayed at home with migraine and an irritated nose and sneeze. Well, I hope to recover from the migraine very soon – that’s what really irritates me, and make me feel sick. So I’ve been at home both yesterday and today, relaxing and sleeping a lot – and drinking tea! Since childhood, I've been an ardent tea-drinker, meaning I drink at least a cup of tea every day! I don't think coffe, maximum 3-4 time a year, but tea..? I cannot live without tea! Let it be black, green, white, red, whatever.. That's we I even dedicated an entire blogpost to the word T E A ;)

 My sweet colleague S, who recently visited Sri Lanka, bought several packs of tea, and she gave me 3 packs, two of them from Dilmah. Dilmah’s tea are really good, and today I decided to drink a cup of the Ran Watte tea, which is one of Dilmah’s Watte-series. Watte, a Sinhalese word for garden, and Ran meaning “golden”, and this name really reflects in the colour of the tea and it’s taste! ;)


Tamil New Year [2015]: OOTD

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I last wrote about the New Year preps, and I was busy with some temple stuff. As it was my birthday too, I already bought a beautiful salwar from SS Ornaments. I don’t have anything I beige, so I decided to buy a salwar in beige, with pink lining and borders. It looked so lovely in the picture, but it was even prettier in real ;)

As the time for the New Year’s beginning was at 8.54 am, I got up early that day, so I could get ready and go to the temple abishekam and pooja at time. I’ve actually never been there for the new year’s beginning, so I was happy to be able to do so this time. It was a blessed moment to be there and watch the New Year’s pooja, and celebrate my birthday over there. I also went to the temple for the evening pooja, so it was indeed a day filled with “bhakthi” :D You know, there’s something in start a new beginning at the temple ;)

Here, Mr. Ganesh wearing the garland, I made for the day ;)


Tamil New Year [2015]

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Hi lovelies!

Last week was sooo amazing- had one week of holiday, and of course, this has to be celebrated with some fun with my lovely friend L, as she is in Aarhus too! Yes, so the days before my holidays, we decided to go visiting some cafés and enjoy our spare time with yummy food and lovely drinks (don’t worry, we’re both non-alcoholics :P )

Here’s some pictures from Bruun’s Galleri, while we’re enjoying some fresh drinks. First at Joe & the Juice the Thursday before, where L gotta try the “Power Shake” for the first time, and I gotta try their Joe’s AMG with apple, ginger and mint. OMG, I love this one, as I love minty drinks very much ;)


Awesome March!

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March has been such an awesome month, full of fun and craziness! OMG, never had so much fun at work. Haha :P

One of my very good friends, L, has started as a trainee at our workplace, and I really hope this will bring her great opportunities. L and I were study mates at SDU, and we studied 5 years together, and finished the studies at the same time. Unfortunately she stayed in Odense, whilst I moved to Aarhus, and about 1 year we didn’t catch up each other that much. I always missed her craziness – we’re like weirdos when hanging around together :D

Luckily she got an intern where I work, since the first day I’ve been her “mentor”, and everyday has been so much fun. I love the way she socialize with other, and everyone likes her great sense of humour. If my friend was the one who opened me up, L is the one who got my craziness back after 3 years in hell (yes, I hated the 3 years at Herning Gymnasium!).

Well, as march moved on, and Easter came L, I and another colleague, M, decided to make some fun at work – rather prank on some others :P

Wedding Time ;)

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Yesterday was an unforgettable moment for one of my friends, as she got married. Indeed an unforgettable, beautiful day for every one of us, and I was so happy to be participating in this lovely occasion, as she’s one of the friends, who’s very close to my heart. Though we grew up in the same city, Herning, we came to know each other very late – as we started at Herning Gymnasium back in 2004. Before these 3 years, I hardly knew what kind of weirdo she is :D

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