27th of May: Sema Mass

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"Dubsmash'la sync aavoma? Twitter'la trend aavoma?

Singathoda singaaridhaan, naanum neeeyum sernthupudda - Semma Mass" ;)

Yay, finally the long awaited Masss songs got released, and I'm really a fan of his Sema Mass song. I first listened to the telugu version (dunno why), and fell immediately in love with the song! And then I found the tamil verson too on Spotify - love these kind of songs, that make you dance ;) So here you go ;) 

Looking forward to watch the movie coming friday - I'm sooooo much in love with mr. Suriya ;) 

Aaaannddddd.. Here's is today's selfie too ;P


~ AJ <3

May '15: New Ins

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Okay, it’s been a while since I last bought something to myself. It’s almost summer (okay – it’s been rainy almost every single day in may), so I wanted some new shoes that are appropriate for this warmer weather! I was used to wear ballerinas, but after a kind of “foot injury”, actually a navicular drop, my physio almost have forbidden me to wear these ballerinas, as my feet are very flat, why the drop occurred. So I then began to wear these Nike Free’s (OMG, so lovely), and I already have some I bought for fitness, so I already knew how it’ll be – but I was not that good in taking care of my feets (yes, we all want beautiful shoes rather than comfortable :P).

Then I started walking with extra support (inserts), and I needed some shoes for summer, that can be comfortable with these inserts too, so I one day, recently, found these lovelies in Magasin in Aarhus ;) They are from Toms, got them for 500 DKK ;)



Then, a few weeks later L and I again visited Magasin, and then I found this one:



Yes – The Si Eau de parfum from Georgio Armani! Actually I was about to buy their new Eau de toilette, but the parfum version somehow smelled better, so I chose this one instead, and I don’t regret ;)

LifeUpdate: Achievements' April

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Let’s have a look-back on april ’15. This month has been so awesome, and so far the best month – great weather and some great experiences!

Let’s start from the bottom; I’ve become a special educational instructor at my workplace, feel so blessed ;) I’ve always loved teaching, and my aim has to be an instructor/lecturer in Audiology. Becoming an instructor for the students at our workplace has been the first step – and I actually didn’t expect this to be fulfilles so quickly, as I only have 1½ years of experience in this field. OMG, this is too awesome, and I really love it! Next, I’m gonna be of one the 2 mentors and educational instructors for the coming audiology students from Uni. Of Southern Denmark – when my boss gave me this opportunity I was like “OMG I you kidding!!”, but she really meant it, and was not sure weather I would say yes or not, but I love challenges, and as this is another step into my life as a lecturer, I immediately accepted this opportunity, and I’m really looking forward to this. This only makes me feel learning more, and increase my professional level. What’s life without learning and challenges? What’s life without experiences, that make you getting ready for even bigger challenges? ;)

High-5, Fitness ;)

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Is there any of you out there who feel like it’s much easier to workout in summer? :P Of course many of us feel much happier when it’s summer, and the winter make us feel kinda “euwww” – BUT that’s not a good thing, if you really want to workout without losing the motivation!

Are you struggling with this? Not only in winter, but just in general? Then look here for some tips ;)

Finding the happiness

Finding the happiness in training is really what makes sense to the whole thing – if you ask me. So find out what makes you happy about your workout; is it the thought of losing weight? Is it the feel of being healthy and fit? Is it the fun? Or something else? Find out, and keep thinking about this!

No bad excuses

It’s so easy to quit the workut with bad excuses. Most of us keep telling that “I never have time for it” or something like that. Or worse, the “I’ll do it tomorrow”-thing. NO WAY! Do it today, and you will never regret it ;)

Motivate yourself

Manye of us are good at being self-critical, and it’s only because we have too high expectations to ourself. Drop this kind of attitude – because what you do, and what you get out of it is really an achievement! Keep giving yourself compliments on your workout – because you’re doing really good!

Music music music

If you’re losing the motivation while working out, then try doing workout with some music. Music with a nice drop. Science has proven that music with about 125 BPM is best for workout. If you don’t know what to look for, try Avicii’s remixes – he is one of the most popular DJs in this kind of music. Not really surprised, then look for some good tracks on Spotify, or find some on YouTube ;)

The fitness buddy

Finding it boring to workout all alone? Then ask one or 2 of your good friends, and make a good workout buddy. Training with another makes it much funnier, and you’ll keep motivating and challenging each other. And this is a great way to spend time with your friend too! ;)

Well, these are my 5 best tips for getting some motivation for your workout. Finally, it’ll be helpful if you set an aim into it – losing some weight, strengthen your body etc. Now get started! ;)

Here's my result of today's workout ;)


~ AJ

#25Facts About Me ;)

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Hi guys.. ;)

While reding my posts in this blog, you might have thought about who I am. Well, here are 25 facts about me - Here we go! ;) 

  • I'm a veggie.. Born into a vegetarian family, I'm really proud being one. As some people don't like being harmful to pets, I don't like being harmful to all kinds of animals ;)
  • I always try to be positive, and see the good thing in everything that happens :)
  • I'm afraid of dogs, cats, spiders, bees, flies.. Yeah, you name it >_<
  • My family is everything to me, especially my brother. And I love spending money on him. Seriously $
  • Tamil language, Hinduism, carnatic music and audiology are my passions :D
  • Self-taught in playing the keyboard, mandolin and drums ;)  
  • Since my childhood, my wish has been to help others, especially children. My first step was to register myself as an organ donor and becoming a  blood- and stem cell donor :)
  • Another step in helping others, was becoming a sponsor for a child in India :)
  • I love sharing knowledge - that's the main reason for creating a blog 3 years ago ;)
  • I used to pinch my brother when he was a baby, because he never cried :P
  • First tamil audiologist in Denmark - Wohoo :D
  • I don't talk that much, and I seem very reserved in the eyes of many o_O
  • I love languages, and I currently understand 6 languages 8)
  • I like designing and sewing my own dresses. I always create my own saree blouses too, though I don't like wearing sarees, because I feel sooooo old wearing it -_-'
  • I start to smile/laugh when I do a mistake :P
  • I'm very picky in almost everything.. And my brother sometimes calls me a perfectionist, and I actually admit it -_-
  • I was named "Ameena" the first 3 months of my life - my parents then changed my name to "Apiraajini", and later "Abitajiny"
  • I love my name - Abitajiny. Actually pronounced as "Abiraajini" - It's sanskrit ;)
  • I don't like smokers and drankers :(
  • I'm afraid of driving cars... :-/
  • I can easily get bored, and love changes B)
  • Once had the honour to perform in the presence of Smt. Sudha Ragunathan :)
  • I hate hate HATE high heels  -_-
  • I love fitness, and any kind of martial arts - be careful :P
  • I can't live without chili ;'D
~ AJ



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