Who can live a positive life while having a negative mind? :)

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It’s not always fun, and everything is not always easy. We have all been there – situations where not everything is like what we wanted it to be. Life has ups and downs, and the real victory lies in how we go through these downs and survive. Friends that cheat on you, stressful job, love failure or let be anything else that make the life unfair. We all fight with something or someone, but are we all able to take it with a smile? Do we all have the capability to accept things their way and think that everything happens for a reason? ;) Some of us get used to it, “my life sucks forever” – some of us just think “ok everything is my fault”, and again some of us see the opportunity to learn in whatever happens. Which one are you? How do you deal with the difficulties you meet in your everyday life?


When I was younger I could easily get mad at people, and whenever someone gave me some critics I got so annoyed. By time I learned myself to think positive, and accept everyone and everything as it is. Because, nothing will get better if you behave negatively. Today I’m that kind of person who don’t get stressed, I don’t get mad at anyone. Moreover, if someone ever tries to hurt me, I just smile.

Namaskara og dennes betydning

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 Vi ser altid mænd og kvinder lave ”Namaskaras/Namaskaaras” i templet, og foran ældre, som en del af velsignelsesprocessen. I virkeligheden, er disse ”stillinger” Yoga aasanas, og som bekendt, er hinduistisk tilbeldelse og yoga tæt knyttede til hinanden. Lad os kigge nærmere på disse to aasanas eller namaskaaras:

Where there's love, there's happiness.. AND there's peace

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Last Monday my parents and I went for a quick visit to Aalborg, where my brother lives and studies. He recently finished his B.Sc. in Industrial design, and their batch has currently an exhibition running consisting of their bachelor’s project, including both Industrial design, Architectural design and Urban design. I’ve been to Aalbrog several times, and it’s definitely my fave Danish town! Love the atmosphere and it’s architecture so much. It’s the place whether you want fun or just some coziness.



Etnia Baby! ;)

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I’s not everyone who knows, but I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 4 years old. I started wearing them daily, but by time I did care less about them, maybe because I felt looking like a nerd :P For 2 years ago I bought some new ones, but I never managed to them as they never fitted me and gave me headaches. So I stopped wearing them, but initially felt very bothered about my myopia, so I ordered some new ones almost 2 weeks ago. I’ve normally ordered them at Profil Optik (and was very satisfied), but last time wanted to try something else, and bought at Louis Nielsen. As I was not so happy with it I this time decided to order from Profil Optik again ;)

I tried out several glass designs - none of them were those “Harry Potter-like”, that are “in” nowadays! I really hate the fashion right now, who wants to wear Harry Potter glasses?! :P Okay, I tried out some designs and picked up one from Etnia by Barcelona. They have some really good designs, and their frames are so lovely. I got my glasses last Thursday and after some adjustment I was happy! Suddenly I realized how poor my eyesight is (okay, only -1,50, but stil..). The one I ordered is black with a red twist, and all my colleagues etc. were like “wauw!” :D

Here are some pictures of my new glasses – Etnia by Barcelona ;)





And of course some selfies (Taken at work :P )




~ AJ

Veggie corner: Playin with drumsticks

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Yesterday my mum made some really yummy food. Of course, she’s the best to cook, and I always love her food –but yesterday was really pretty good :D I asked her to make murungaikaai (murungai, lat.: moringa oliefera, eng.: drumstick) rasam. She once made this, and it was really good, so I asked her to make it again after several months. She immediately said yes, and made it.

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