Namaskara og dennes betydning

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 Vi ser altid mænd og kvinder lave ”Namaskaras/Namaskaaras” i templet, og foran ældre, som en del af velsignelsesprocessen. I virkeligheden, er disse ”stillinger” Yoga aasanas, og som bekendt, er hinduistisk tilbeldelse og yoga tæt knyttede til hinanden. Lad os kigge nærmere på disse to aasanas eller namaskaaras:

Event: Deekshai, becoming a Saivite and Shivaachaarya

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junefunction10Last Saturday my family and I were invited to a Shivaachaarya Abishekam for the main temple iyer in Sri Nagapoosani Amman Aalayam in Aabenraa. I’ve been to several other Shivaachaarya Abishekam, as my family have a close friendship to many “iyer-families” – probably because we’re so much in to temple stuff and is a highly religious family. Manye people think what this “Shivaachaarya Abishekam” is, so let me explain ;)

Basically everyone’s born as a “ordinary hindu”, and those people are actually not allowed to wear the thiruneeru (viboothi) as the thiripundaram (the wellknown 3 lines on the forehead). So what should you do become a “real” saivite?

In Hinduism, or rather said Saivism, you can get Deekshai. The word Deekshai (or Deeksha) means “to destroy the ego and give wisdom”, and this is actually a kind of ritual where a guru performs some specific religious rituals after which the guru teaches the disciple the specific mantras and other chores that should be perform every day.

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