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Thursday last week, I was with a friend from Odense. We went out for dinner that day, and as both of us love indian food, we decided to visit the Pearl India restaurant in Aarhus. I’ve been there before, and I liked their food pretty much, so I thought it would be great if my friend tried it too.

Pearl India has a nice atmosphere, the servant is so nice, and she answers every question and serves everything with a smile, and make you feel comfortable there. The menu card has something for everyone – even if you’re a vegetarian like me! :) My friend ordered a chicken masala, and I ordered a mutter paneer; that is a masala with peas and paneer. I love paneer so much. Both of us ordered rice, and my friend also ordered a naan bread, that we could taste. Last time I was there, another friend ordered naan too. Unfortunately we were not very much surprised with their naan, as it was very dry and tasted like something bought in a supermarket. But this time the naan was very good and soft, and it had a nice taste, and went very well with the mutter paneer too.

I have tried other indian restaurants, and I have to say, that Pearl India is the best one in Aarhus (mind my words) :) Compared to my favourite indian restaurant, Paprika in Odense, Pearl India’s cook have to make some more spiced food, with a bit more taste. I felt like something still was missing – I could’ve liked it thicker in its consistency and more taste in it – as it tasted like it was made with readymade masala powder. And the whole spice tasted like it was not really cooked well, and made in a hurry. Unfortnately. But it’s still good when you’re really hungry. I give Pearl India 3 out of 5 stars.

If you want to visit Pearl India:

Fredensgade 46

8000 Aarhus C

Here’re some pictures of what we got – and it’s a glass of water :P (sorry, the lightening was not so good)



~ AJ


Written by Jiny on .

Beet1Jeg kan vist ligeså godt indrømme det.. Jeg elsker risotto! :D Sammenlignet med almindelige risretter, giver risotto en virkelig lækker, cremet konsistens, og fordi man lader risene koge i bouillon, smager det simpelthen meget bedre end almindelig ris :)

Jeg har tidligere lavet en tomat-risotto, og en ovnbagt risotto. Denne gang er det så en rødbederisotto.. Hvorfor mon? Fordi jeg elsker risotto, og fordi jeg elsker rødbeder - så hvorfor ikke en kombination af disse? :)

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