Veggie corner: Playin with drumsticks

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Yesterday my mum made some really yummy food. Of course, she’s the best to cook, and I always love her food –but yesterday was really pretty good :D I asked her to make murungaikaai (murungai, lat.: moringa oliefera, eng.: drumstick) rasam. She once made this, and it was really good, so I asked her to make it again after several months. She immediately said yes, and made it.

How to: Fresh Orange Juice & Eggless Strawberry Pie :)

Written by Jiny on .

This weekend have been so good, with yummy food and full of relaxation and mindful spirituality. My brother has just completed his B.Sc., and is now an engineer in Architectural Design – so proud of him :)

He picked me up at the station last Friday, and we went to Herning Centret for shopping. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything interesting, but I decided to buy some strawberries to make a strawberry pie the following day.

I started the Saturday off  with fresh made orange-lemon juice for my brother and I:


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