Breakfast: Simple chia pudding

Written by Jiny on .


Eating chia pudding for breakfast is something I’ve done regularly since this New Year. My wish was to eat more healthier than I did before, and I feel I’m keeping it up pretty good. And that’s why I’ve included chia seeds, usually making a pudding and eating this in different ways, and I really love it :)

Unfortunately I had to stay at home today due to migraine, and I was not able to cook. Fortunately I’ve made some chia pudding, so I decided to eat this as a "late" breakfast, topped with some kiwi and dark mint chocolate. I’m not sure, but I actually felt better hereafter, but still not that well to cook anything. Luckily and surprisingly my parents came with food :D

I tried taking some pictures of my beautiful chia food today :)




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