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Yesterday my mum made some really yummy food. Of course, she’s the best to cook, and I always love her food –but yesterday was really pretty good :D I asked her to make murungaikaai (murungai, lat.: moringa oliefera, eng.: drumstick) rasam. She once made this, and it was really good, so I asked her to make it again after several months. She immediately said yes, and made it.


Here is a picture of the food I ate yesterday ;)

We normally at red (raw) rice (also known as kutharisi soru), as it’s much healthier than basmati, jasmine etc. Here, from left to right:


Eggplant curry – Plantain (vaazhaikkaai) gravy – lentils (here thuvaram paruppu) – banana flower stir fry – kale yellow curry – spinach – vadai pachadi (some people call this raita, but I prefer the tamil name) and on the top of the rice: murungai rasam ;)

As you can see, it’s all vegetarian and healty. Nothing of it is oily, and everything is spiced with either chili, turmeric or both. Every vegetable has it’s benefits, but today I’m going to write about the murungai. It’s not everyone who likes murungai, and if it’s so, then try out murungai rasam :)


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So what’s murungai/drumstick good for?

Antibacterial: Murungai is an excellent source of vitamin C, which makes is great to develop the immunity in the body, and to fight cold and flu. Furthermore, they contain some smaller amounts of vitamin B, vitamin B6, B1 and others too. Definitely anti bacterial!

Strong bones: As murungai contains great amounts of Calcium and Iron, they give you healthy and strong bones, and are good to maintain a good balance of Iron in the blood.

Beautiful skin: Drumsticks are good to maintaining beautiful and glowing skin. The juice can be applied to the skin as well.

Cancer: Drumsticks healthy benefits kick cancer too! Eating drumsticks (constantly) reduce the risk of creatingcancer by 80%.

Digestion: Eating both drumstick and the leaves results in good digestion due to their amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Diabetes and gall bladder: A former study has shown that drumsticks are good to maintaining a normal blood suger level, and that they make a healthy gall bladder.

Asthma: Drumsticka are extremely good to keep the lungs healthy, which is why they beat asthma and other lung difficulties too.

Let's go and eat some drumsticks!! :D :P

~ AJ

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