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jinyHello there!

As written, my name is Abitajiny B. I am a tamil, born and still living in the beautiful Scandinavian country Denmark. My parents moved to the city Herning placed in Middle Jutland, due to civil war in Sri Lanka. It's Herning where I and my younger brother were born and grew up. After primary school, I went to the Herning Gymnasium, a secondary school at the age of 16. After graduation from here in 2007, I began at Aalborg University, for studying "Sundhedsteknologi" - health tech, but dropped out very quickly as it wasn't my cup of tea! I didn't feel it was that interesting at all. A year after, in 2008, I moved to Odense, and began on Technical Audiology at Southern University of Denmark, and got my graduation from there in 2011. Immediately after, I started on the Master's degree in Audiology, which I graduated from in October '13. Since November '13 I've been working as an audiologist at the Universityhospital in Aarhus, which combines everything I love about audiology! It's a great place, with some really good and talented colleagues - I just love it! :)

This blog is mostly about my life and recipes - all vegetarian! Born into a vegetarian family, I still live as an veggie, and I love it! :)

Why audiology?

Because I didn't want to become a doctor, due to personal reasons about blood, surgery, and my great, hmm.. let's call it hatred for medicines! So I chose Audiology ;) Audiology is a more soft direction, we still work with people, cure their hearing disabilities and other problems related to hearing. But the difference is, that our treatments hopefully doesn't give any side effects! And another important issue to mention is, that hearing is one or our most important senses. How will it be without hearing, can you imagine that? As a musician, I feel it's so important to hear, not only for musical reasons, but also for general things like language and communication. Therefore, I chose Audiology above medicine and health tech. Another good thing about Audiology is that it's not only about science, but it's combined with health and humanities too. For me it's more interesting :)


Besides all this, I use a lot of time on singing and playing violin. I love music!

Since the age of 8, I've been trained in Carnatic vocal and violin. Every year from I was 10, I took examinations, and in 2007 I held my vocal-violin arangetram at Herning Kongrescenter. This was some of the most important days in my life, and this was what made me take music more serious. Though I've held my arangetram, I'm still learning - music doesn't have any end! :)

I'm also the co-admin for the website for the Vinayagar (Ganesh) temple in Herning, at, and I've been writing articles related to the Hinduism for some years now. I'm very much interested in this religion, and of course, I'm a Hindu too!

This blog is a new attempt, and I will be sharing my thought, recipes and more. Hope you'll enjoy your stay! :)

Take care,


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