Travel Diary: Trip to Berlin #3

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Coming to the 4th day of our trip in Berlin, we decided to check out Kurfürstendamm, as it is one of the famous places in Berlin, which is also perfect for some shopping.


We first went to the Nike store at Europa Centre. They really have some crazy stuff , but I didn't buy a thing here at first :P We had some cake at Cafe Tiffanys at Europa Center instead :D



We also visited the KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens. This is actually the 2nd largest department store in Europe, that features the famous "Luxury Boulevard", including brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Rolex etc. I liked the place, but I didn't buy anything ;)



The funny part is, that we actually didn't buy anything that day, and went home disappointed. Maybe we were so tired and it was a bit cold, so we checked the places out in a hurry.

L I F E     I S      G O O D   <3

~ AJ

Travel Diary: Trip to Berlin #2

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Hellooooo my dear lovelies!

Hope you’re all doing good. It seems like spring is not coming yet.. We had few days with some beautiful and gleaming spring-like weather, but now it’s been raining for like a week. OMG! Hopefully spring is coming in April, because we all know how awesome April is! ^_^

I’ve writing about my trip to Berlin, and decided to write a post on each single day. This time I’m going to tell you guys about my 3rd day in Berlin, so here we go! ;)


Travel Diary: Trip to Berlin #1

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Hey guys!

Hope you're all doing good ;)

I'm going to write about my trip to Berlin, in the coming few posts  - I tell you, it's a n amazing place! I haven't travelled the past few years actually, because I've been focusing so much on my work and some personal issues, that din't give me time to travel, but I finally did. I've never been to Berlin, and really wanted to, as many of my friends told me about how amazing this city is. In addition, I truly agree with them.

What I did wrong: I didn't take my Canon 750D with me - WTF! - But I unfortunately didn't have enough space in my trolley, and I really regret this! I was therefore supposed to use my phone that resulted in many bad quality pictures. Somehow I managed to get the best out it anyway ;)

My bestie and I went on a 1-week trip to Berlin, from the 10th to March 17 - We were supposed to take the flight straight from CPH, but unfortunately, this never happened due to the strikes that made our flight cancelled! Somehow, we managed to take the train, and this takes about 7 hours.

View from the train, travelling from Hamburg to Berlin..


We arrived to our hotel at 6:45 pm, and from here we quickly went on to Savigny Platz and Kantstr., as we took the S-bahn from our hotel. This is actually very easy and if you're not sure about the place, people in Berlin are so kind to ask for some help.

Bye-bye 2016, Hello 2017!

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Hello lovelies!

First of all: A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! <3

I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve, and came into the new year safely ;)

I have been waiting for this year, and was so happy about it. The funny part is, that I since my graduation never has been so excited for the New Year as I was this time. Maybe because 2016 was a huge disaster to me, and so many others, that I really wanted it to an end very quickly. Also the last month of the year started off so badly, as I got a concussion, and had to stay away from work for 3 weeks. The 3 weeks were not so funny, and starting at work again was quite difficult, and I have been very tired. Luckily I’m feeling better now :)

As I was staying at hope for 3 weeks, my sweet colleagues sent me this beautiful bouquet:

                       dec16 1

                       dec16 2

Looking apart of this, December has been a quiet month and I’ve enjoyed the last 2 weeks of December at work. That was actually the time I started to enjoy the places in Aarhus (I’ve always hated this city!).

                       dec16 3

                       dec16 4

                       dec16 5

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but this time everything was so different, and I actually felt a bit “Christmas-ish” inside myself. I got several gifts from friend, but what really touched me was this cute gift from my student. I think it’s a blessing to have people like this, who actually keeps thinking about you, and keeps remembering, that you are important to them <3

                          dec16 6

                          dec16 7

Also enjoyed Christmas Eve with this yummy Danish dish – Risengrød. I love it!

                          dec16 8

I celebrated New Year’s Eve with my bestie, and we had a nice time. We just went for a walk, and enjoyed watching all the beautiful fireworks.

                          dec16 9

2016 has been a year full of lessons and difficulties in many people’s lives. Even 80% of the people I know have been suffering throughout the year, and I’m just happy that they all made it. This just reminds me, that life goes on, and you just have to accept the challenges and come back stronger.

I’m praying for 2017 to be a beautiful year to all of you. I hope you’ll get some great, unforgettable moments and stay happy :)

God bless <3

~ AJ

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