Massive Masss, Sema Masss - Review

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I wrote about my May in yesterday’s post, and it also had a picture I took while watching the tamil movie Masss (aka Massu Engira Masilamani – what a weird title btw, loved ”Masss”).

You may already have known, that I’m a very big Suriya fan. Since his movie Kaakha Kaakha I’ve loved this man for his style, cute smile, and his talent in acting. He’s indeed one of the most promising tamil actor nowadays, and he’s my fave btw!

He has acted in several great movies, but I was very disappointed with his latest one, Anjaan. Of course his acting in this movie was very good, but the script was inadequate. So I was really looking forward to watch Masss, and as I luckily got some seats to book for this movie, I immediately booked the seats, and was ready from day 1 :P (I’m not that much into watching movies in theatres, but this one.. Obviously, yes :P )

If Suriya is my favourite actor, then Venkat Prabhu is my fave director, and of course Yuvan my fave music composer. Whatta lovely combo, right? :) Venkat Prabhu have “only” directed 6 movies till date, but all 6 movies have been so good. I’ve enjoyed every scene in all his movies, especially Goa, Mankatha and Masss.

Okay, let’s go back to the movie I was talking about ;)

Hello June! :)

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Okaaayyyy, now it’s June – time is going too fast :P But I feel good, and hope the weather is gonna be better. The weather last month was so incredibly bad, that I kept telling everyone that there won’t be any summer this time. LOL. But beside all the rain, it has been a great month. Let’s have a look with some pictures ;)

27th of May: Sema Mass

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"Dubsmash'la sync aavoma? Twitter'la trend aavoma?

Singathoda singaaridhaan, naanum neeeyum sernthupudda - Semma Mass" ;)

Yay, finally the long awaited Masss songs got released, and I'm really a fan of his Sema Mass song. I first listened to the telugu version (dunno why), and fell immediately in love with the song! And then I found the tamil verson too on Spotify - love these kind of songs, that make you dance ;) So here you go ;) 

Looking forward to watch the movie coming friday - I'm sooooo much in love with mr. Suriya ;) 

Aaaannddddd.. Here's is today's selfie too ;P


~ AJ <3

May '15: New Ins

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Okay, it’s been a while since I last bought something to myself. It’s almost summer (okay – it’s been rainy almost every single day in may), so I wanted some new shoes that are appropriate for this warmer weather! I was used to wear ballerinas, but after a kind of “foot injury”, actually a navicular drop, my physio almost have forbidden me to wear these ballerinas, as my feet are very flat, why the drop occurred. So I then began to wear these Nike Free’s (OMG, so lovely), and I already have some I bought for fitness, so I already knew how it’ll be – but I was not that good in taking care of my feets (yes, we all want beautiful shoes rather than comfortable :P).

Then I started walking with extra support (inserts), and I needed some shoes for summer, that can be comfortable with these inserts too, so I one day, recently, found these lovelies in Magasin in Aarhus ;) They are from Toms, got them for 500 DKK ;)



Then, a few weeks later L and I again visited Magasin, and then I found this one:



Yes – The Si Eau de parfum from Georgio Armani! Actually I was about to buy their new Eau de toilette, but the parfum version somehow smelled better, so I chose this one instead, and I don’t regret ;)

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