Hello June! :)

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Okaaayyyy, now it’s June – time is going too fast :P But I feel good, and hope the weather is gonna be better. The weather last month was so incredibly bad, that I kept telling everyone that there won’t be any summer this time. LOL. But beside all the rain, it has been a great month. Let’s have a look with some pictures ;)

27th of May: Sema Mass

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"Dubsmash'la sync aavoma? Twitter'la trend aavoma?

Singathoda singaaridhaan, naanum neeeyum sernthupudda - Semma Mass" ;)

Yay, finally the long awaited Masss songs got released, and I'm really a fan of his Sema Mass song. I first listened to the telugu version (dunno why), and fell immediately in love with the song! And then I found the tamil verson too on Spotify - love these kind of songs, that make you dance ;) So here you go ;) 

Looking forward to watch the movie coming friday - I'm sooooo much in love with mr. Suriya ;) 

Aaaannddddd.. Here's is today's selfie too ;P


~ AJ <3

May '15: New Ins

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Okay, it’s been a while since I last bought something to myself. It’s almost summer (okay – it’s been rainy almost every single day in may), so I wanted some new shoes that are appropriate for this warmer weather! I was used to wear ballerinas, but after a kind of “foot injury”, actually a navicular drop, my physio almost have forbidden me to wear these ballerinas, as my feet are very flat, why the drop occurred. So I then began to wear these Nike Free’s (OMG, so lovely), and I already have some I bought for fitness, so I already knew how it’ll be – but I was not that good in taking care of my feets (yes, we all want beautiful shoes rather than comfortable :P).

Then I started walking with extra support (inserts), and I needed some shoes for summer, that can be comfortable with these inserts too, so I one day, recently, found these lovelies in Magasin in Aarhus ;) They are from Toms, got them for 500 DKK ;)



Then, a few weeks later L and I again visited Magasin, and then I found this one:



Yes – The Si Eau de parfum from Georgio Armani! Actually I was about to buy their new Eau de toilette, but the parfum version somehow smelled better, so I chose this one instead, and I don’t regret ;)

LifeUpdate: Achievements' April

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Let’s have a look-back on april ’15. This month has been so awesome, and so far the best month – great weather and some great experiences!

Let’s start from the bottom; I’ve become a special educational instructor at my workplace, feel so blessed ;) I’ve always loved teaching, and my aim has to be an instructor/lecturer in Audiology. Becoming an instructor for the students at our workplace has been the first step – and I actually didn’t expect this to be fulfilles so quickly, as I only have 1½ years of experience in this field. OMG, this is too awesome, and I really love it! Next, I’m gonna be of one the 2 mentors and educational instructors for the coming audiology students from Uni. Of Southern Denmark – when my boss gave me this opportunity I was like “OMG I you kidding!!”, but she really meant it, and was not sure weather I would say yes or not, but I love challenges, and as this is another step into my life as a lecturer, I immediately accepted this opportunity, and I’m really looking forward to this. This only makes me feel learning more, and increase my professional level. What’s life without learning and challenges? What’s life without experiences, that make you getting ready for even bigger challenges? ;)

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