Etnia Baby! ;)

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I’s not everyone who knows, but I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 4 years old. I started wearing them daily, but by time I did care less about them, maybe because I felt looking like a nerd :P For 2 years ago I bought some new ones, but I never managed to them as they never fitted me and gave me headaches. So I stopped wearing them, but initially felt very bothered about my myopia, so I ordered some new ones almost 2 weeks ago. I’ve normally ordered them at Profil Optik (and was very satisfied), but last time wanted to try something else, and bought at Louis Nielsen. As I was not so happy with it I this time decided to order from Profil Optik again ;)

I tried out several glass designs - none of them were those “Harry Potter-like”, that are “in” nowadays! I really hate the fashion right now, who wants to wear Harry Potter glasses?! :P Okay, I tried out some designs and picked up one from Etnia by Barcelona. They have some really good designs, and their frames are so lovely. I got my glasses last Thursday and after some adjustment I was happy! Suddenly I realized how poor my eyesight is (okay, only -1,50, but stil..). The one I ordered is black with a red twist, and all my colleagues etc. were like “wauw!” :D

Here are some pictures of my new glasses – Etnia by Barcelona ;)





And of course some selfies (Taken at work :P )




~ AJ

Sculpture by the Sea 2015

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sbs20Recently I had my parents on a visit, and my mum and I went to Tangkrogen in Aarhus, to see the sculptures at the "Sculpture by the Sea 2015". While talking about places to visit in Aarhus, one of colleagues told me about this sculpture event, that's held from 5th of June to 5th of July. This includes several sculptors wolrdwide, who have created sculptures for this event. If interested, you can help Aarhus to buy some of the sculptures too. My colleague is an artist, and he's very much into stuff like that. I immediately decided to visit this place, and first I went there with my friend, but this didn't come out well as she's not interested in art and sculptures at all! So as my mum loves stuuf like this, we later went to see the sculptures, and my mum definitely liked the place.

We enjoyed watching the sculptures (of course not all that was nice) and we enjoyed the seaside too. We later on went to the Dyrehaven, which my mum was pleased to see, as she loved those deers etc. ;)

Workout stuff: My top 5 tamil soundtracks

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You love fitness and to workout, you love tamil music, but cannot find any appropriate tamil soundtrack for your workout? Well, then read below, here are my top 5 tamil songs for workout with links on YouTube ;)


1. Therikkudhu Masss Remix – Premgi Amaren

2. Vilaiyaadu Mankatha Extended Mix – Premgi Amaren

3. Ladio – A R Rahman

4. Tholainthen – Aginiy

5. Fanaa Tamil / Hindi – A R Rahman

The songs can be found on Spotify too :)

~ AJ

OOTD: Going traditional

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I recently wrote about a Accharya Abishekam in which my family and I participated. As you know, I think sarees a so beautiful, but I’m never that much comfy in wearing them. Or yes, I AM comfy but I feel so old – I’m very young in mind, you know :P

Anyways, the day before I was very confused about what to wear, and my mum was definitely not happy that I was going to wear a very simple salwar khameez. So I immediately changed my mind and picked up this beautiful tri-green colours saree. As this one’s blouse has the same colours I did not stitch the blouse for it, and have decided to wear a pink blouse for get some contrasting that will pep the whole suit up. I should’ve worn this saree for the Thaer festival last year in Herning, and I had pleated it and stitched it as a “lehenga”, but still never managed to wear it properly, so I wore another one instead. So I was actually wearing this green saree for the first time. The material is cotton, and if you’ve not pleated this material weel you’ll definitely mess it up! The pink blouse was in a poly silk-cotton combo material.

This is what I wore:


                                             Saree - From London, UK

  Blouse - material bought with another saree, SS Ornament. Sticthed by my mum and I

                                   Earrings - SS Ornaments, Netherlands

                                     Bangles - Mylapore, Chennai, India

                                             Ring - Dyrberg/Kern, DK

Close up of the lovely earrings :)


Here’re some close ups of the saree blouse – stitched by my mum and I. I made the crocheting part in golden yarn and adding some pearls, and the piping on the blouse. The blouse was made last year for the Temple festival.


Adding some more pearls too it in contrasting colours too ;)


Picture while wearing the saree. The saree has the colours turquoise, teal green and light teal. Combined with contrasting pink the highlights the green shades :)


And of course some snaphat selfies :P





Good night lovelies ;)

~ AJ

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