On the repeat mode: September 2015

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There have been some lovely tamil releases the past few months – both lovely compositions and great movies. I recently watched the movie “Thani Oruvan” starring the handsome Jeyam Ravi and her hotness Nayanthara. I normally love all Jeyam Ravi movies; he’s a charming actor and knows exactly how much acting to put into his movies. What’s surprising is, that his brother, Raja Mohan, has directed this movie with original script – so not a remake!

I was very surprised while watching the movie. It has a very interesting script and all the actors have done a very good job. Watching Aravind Swamy as the “villain”, and watching Nayanthara in a more prominent role was indeed beautifully shown throughout the whole movie. Definitely worth watching with its good message. Do watch it ;)

So now, you’ll probably have known which song is nr. 1 in September 2015’s top 10 list. Let’s have a look :)


Keep your own style: Designed by Jiny

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Hello lovelies,

Today I’m gonna show you looks of the 2 sarees I lately designed for the thiruvizha that was held in Herning. I’m usually not that type of girl who wear sarees, and avoid wearing them as feel a bit uncomfy in it. I’m much more into salwars, you can easily mess around and I feel they give you a young & fresh look.. Haha :P

If I ever should wear a saree it should only be because I’m performing and as my mum says, I “have to look professional”. Oh okay, well.. But guess what, this thiruvizha, I mean in these 12 days I wore a saree 3 times. I think this is the first time ever, that I even liked wearing it :P

Looking back: Thiruvizha '15

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Not sure if you know, but I’m quite a religious person. Hinduism or rather called Sanathana Dharma is my religion, and very proud to call my self a vedic believer. I’ve been writing several posts about vedic/hindu beliefs, which have reached many youngsters out there. My aim is to show how beautiful my religion is, because many hindus today don’t really know what their religion is all about. Going to the temple is something I love, finding inner peace and realize what really matters is something I get through prayers and meditation. I'm tha’ kind of person who avoid talking about others, and talk useless stuff – I mostly try to spend the time in “good ways” and develop myself ;)

Here's a picture I took with my phone while taking pictures with my brand new Canon 750D ;) This is how the moolasthana Ganesh was decorated on the first day:


So, the yearly thiruvizha is over. I’ve been there every day in this 12-days festival, so I had holiday to participate. My student and I even held a smaller concert, and I guess it was quite successful :)

Thiruvizha is like magic for me, I love the spiritual atmosphere in the temple, and how every gets social. I love to see everyone being happy and just focus on all the good stuff taking place. Let it be prayers, mantras, pooja, music; I love it all.  I love meeting all the shivachaaryas and vidwans, and having conversations with them, and learn something new, and get their blessings. Participating in a thiruvizha from the beginning until the end is definitely a blessing. In addition, to share all the beautiful moment with other people is soooo good! ;)

My brother and I’ve taken several pictures, that we posted on the temple’s Facebook-page. I’ve posted some of my mobile pictures here too, have a look ;)

More from the first day, Kodi Aettram:




Mine and another family sponsor the 5th day. The day is called “Katpahatharu thiruvizha”, symbolizing the good as the generous one, giving everything that the worshiper wants. The god is therefore decorated with several fruits and vegetables, to symbolize this. In this occasion, my dad bought some kappal vaazhai (a special species of banana, imported from Sri Lanka), they tasted a bit different :P He bought some vegetable too, which my brother and I made garlands out of ;) Look for the pictures from the 5th thiruvizha here.


The Thaer thiruvizha was truly amazing! There were so many people from all over the country, and there were even people from abroad too.


Also this time, my family and another one gave prasadham/food to people - as long as we had – prepared from home. We luckily got some of the prasadham, which I gate after coming home again. Here sweet aval, puli saadham and milagu saadham (thanks to Subbi's mom for the saadhams):


A picture from the Kodi Irakkam event, where some guys run with the Lord Sandeswarar aftr completing the Kodi Irakkam and veethi ulaa with Lord Ganesh. I know, many ask why we actually run with Lord Sandeswarar. The answer is: There’s not any specific reasons, none other than it’s funny and entertaining. I even asked this year’s mahotsava guru for second opinion, and he told me the same.


The temple has been making a Thanga ratham (golden chariot) for a long time, with the help from Indhiran uncle from England. The work was finally completed this time, and was ready for its velloddam on the 11th day (on the day Poongavanam was held). Velloddam is actually a maiden trip. The thanga ratham will be used for special occasions, such as Vinayaga Chathurthi.


So.. This was Thiruvizha 2015, already counting days to the next :D

~ AJ

Who can live a positive life while having a negative mind? :)

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It’s not always fun, and everything is not always easy. We have all been there – situations where not everything is like what we wanted it to be. Life has ups and downs, and the real victory lies in how we go through these downs and survive. Friends that cheat on you, stressful job, love failure or let be anything else that make the life unfair. We all fight with something or someone, but are we all able to take it with a smile? Do we all have the capability to accept things their way and think that everything happens for a reason? ;) Some of us get used to it, “my life sucks forever” – some of us just think “ok everything is my fault”, and again some of us see the opportunity to learn in whatever happens. Which one are you? How do you deal with the difficulties you meet in your everyday life?


When I was younger I could easily get mad at people, and whenever someone gave me some critics I got so annoyed. By time I learned myself to think positive, and accept everyone and everything as it is. Because, nothing will get better if you behave negatively. Today I’m that kind of person who don’t get stressed, I don’t get mad at anyone. Moreover, if someone ever tries to hurt me, I just smile.

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