Okay, Aarhus Street Food

Written by Jiny on .

I had my bestie on a visit last weekend, and we went on to try Aarhus Street Food one of the days. Aarhus Street Food opened on the 19th of August this year, and is placed at Ny Banegaardsgade 46. It is a combination of several small cuisines, and the places has already got some good reviews, regarding the food. We went on to see the different cuisines, but I would say that the prices are not really ”street food”.



We decided to try something from the Mexican Donkey. I bought a vegetarian burrito, filled with some tasty red cabbage, avocados and some other veggies. It was pretty good, not too good compared to the price.


I’m not really sure, if I’m going to visit Aarhus Street Food again – maybe, I’d like to taste something from the Tatashe too! :P

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