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I usually get my makeup checked up every 4-5 months, but I totally forgot everything about it, and therefore didn’t buy any new makeup the past few months. I therefore took some time last weekend to get a check up and some tutorial in make up. I’ve been using Bobbi Brown since 2015, and I’m so happy about it. Love their make up, and it’s so easy to work with. I normally buy my make up at the Magasin store in Aarhus, but I decided to go to Salling this time, as I know there is a very good make up artist, who really takes time to find the perfect colours for your skin, and even takes loads of time to help you in adding them and etc. She recommended me to get a make up-check twice a year instead, as my skin doesn’t change that much in tones. I’ve had troubles in finding the perfect colours, as I’m brown-skinned with cool undertones, but I feel, that I this time finally got some professional help in finding the right colours :)

Let’s have a look on what I bought (yes, I also bought the Shower Fresh scent from Clean, as I’ve started loving their perfumes ;)





Skin Foundation Stick – Golden Honey, 5.75

Retouching Wand – Medium to Dark

Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil – Espresso, 5

Blush – Slopes, 17

Note: I actually tried both no. 5.5; 5.75 and 6 sha
des Foundation Sticks, and the 5.75 was the one which matched my skin tones perfectly.



                      selfie-sept16 2



As you may know, I am a big fan of Bobbi Brown Make Up, and also have several Eye Shadow Sticks too ;)

And here’s a selfie – but with no good lighting, unfortunately!

                      selfie-sept16 1

Nighty night! ;)

~ AJ

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