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I know, I haven’t posted anything the past 6 months, and I actually haven’t had time for even write something for a moment. More correctly, I even didn’t think about it, and I really regret it right now.

I’ve been doing several things, and I really don’t know how the past 6 months have passed so quickly. This is sick!!

Anyway, let’s start from one point:


Let me start from this fodant rose, which is actually from ultimo march this year. I made a cake for a 25th wedding anniversary, for a couple I've known for many years. This family is very close to me, and I felt so blessed and honoured for making the cake for their anniversary. I made a chocolate cake, layered with simple vanilla cream. It was decorated with whte MMF and handmade roses - all on my own :)



April is always a very special month for me (not because of my birthday, but because of the tamil new year, and the past few years also because of this educational programme, were I work as a lecturer. I have been lecturing among with my former lecturers, and it's always been a pleasure and a blessing, to be a part of this. I really thank the organizer for giving me this opportunity. Here, a picture of the poster they've made for the educational programme, and another picture, a snap of my former lecturer and supervisor teaching, just before I was going to :D


Eating at Restaurant Stromboli in Aarhus with my bestie :)




From April to July (I actually don't have any pictures from May and June - but this was the period where I finally got some time to setlle down in my new home).

My sister from another mother, and my very best colleague has birthday in July. So I made this kind of surprise gift package for her, with a handmade birthday card by myself. Will be posting a full post about this soon :)


Celebration at Cafe Hollywood in Aarhus! ;)


While 2/3 of my colleagues were on their holiday, I and approx. 10-11 of the rest where working. LOL :P


Do I really need to say anything about this picture??


I looooooved this movie so much. Superstar's new avatar was so awesome, and I wish I could watch it many more times IN THE THEATRE! :D


Slowly moving to August.. I got a brand new harddisk for my computer, so I just changed it. Very easy btw. Now my laptop is much faster :)


Dinner at Restaurant Martino. Seriously, this was a lovely experience (detailed post coming soon).


My bestie and I went to the Himmelbjerget in Ry (Skanderborg). Best weekend so far, I love this place (another detailed post coming soon).


And later that they, we went for a walk in "Aarhus Ø" or Ø-Haven in Aarhus.Nice place with beautifl apartments/architecture.



Then, finally, it was my time to celebrate the summer holidays. I decided to combine my holiday with the Thiruvizha in the temple in Herning, as this is very close to and important for me. I've designing my own saree for my performance during this festival. And here are some picture from that.



I got the opportunity to teach at the Syddansk Erhvervsskole in Odense. I was taking lectures in Audiological English and Audiological Technique/Acoustics for those taking the educational programme for becoming audology assistants. This was quite fun actually.


On the way to Odense - Travelling early morning..


A selfie from one of the days while participating in the "temple festival"/thiruvizha.


A picture of a picture - Photographing at the Theerthotsavam. Playing with my lovely cam.


This week returning to Aarhus, starting with work (of course) and Aarhus Festuge (week of fest). Here, my colleague Anders performing with his band, Rock The Duck. These guys know it all ;)



Eating out with my dear sister W.

And no more pictures! ;)

Have a great noon :)

~ AJ

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