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Hello lovelies ;)

This weekend has been full of fun and laughter – so much love around me! ^_^ I’ve enjoyed these moments so much, and I feel so blessed to be around so such beautiful people, and to celebrate them and see them happy is soooo satisfying ;)

Besides all this I got some small pretty gifts – some “covers” for my lovely iPhone in 3 different colours; pink/magenta, gold and pure glass-like one. I decided to put the pink one first, as I love this colour, and this one is very beautiful! Have a look!



Nice, isn’t it? :)

Next, I bought these lovely pinky earphones from Bang & Olufsen – YES!!



The sound? Sooooo lovely! Before I was using the Fidelios from Philips, and I felt that something was missing – the sound quality was not satisfying, so I decided to get some new ones. I know B&O are masters in sound, and the prize is somehow tolerable, so I therefore bought the H3 in pink, and is not disappointed at all! The sound is very clear, and the bass is much better than in the Fidelio.

You get them in a small package with extra domes, in 4 different sizes at all. The domes has to be fit in the ear perfectly, so the sound will not do any kind of leak - this will actually make the bass sound worse, so always keep the domes in the perfect size ;)

Moreover, the experience of listening to music with these from B&O is very good - the sound is very neat and clear, and I'm pretty much sure, that you can hear every single detail of a song. With a couple of Medium domes I almost get too much bass than the higher frequencies, so I guess I'm gonna use the small ones :) Of course it is nice when the sound is kind of "rounded", but the bass may not be an overkill to the music.

But all in all, I enjoy listening to music full of bass, but it also has to be crystal clear and be very neat. These earphone deliver the music beautifully, and I actually don't have any critics. I just love them :) 

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