New in: The clubmaster gang ;)

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Last week a friend and I went for shopping, and we later met with another friend for a small girls’ date, and went out for dinner. It was so good to spend some time together, I felt like it has been ages since we last did it. Of course time flies by, and we’re all busy with work, fitness and etc., but I always love to catch up with my friends and share good stuff. This time was very inspiring and funny too, as we, all 3 of us have fitness as our common interest. Sharing useful tips is something we really love, and of course, we talk about other things too ;)

As I told you, we went for shopping, and both my friend and I have been looking for some new sun glasses. I actually liked the club master design, and wanted to buy a pair of those. Luckily Thiele in Bruuns Galleri had some offers, so I found what I wanted and got 25% of discount :D Also my friend ordered a pair of these ;)

Here are some pictures of them. Nice, aren’t they? :)





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