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First of all, sorry I haven’t posted anything the past weeks- been so busy ;)

I’ve wanted to write about my small trip to Bergen, but never got the time to do it, but now I’ve! :)

I was asked to go for an audiological conference that was arranged by GN ReSound and held in Bergen in Norway. GN ReSound has this yearly conference called Nordic Audiology College, that takes place in a Scandinavian country. This time it was in Norway, and they’ve chosen Bergen for this occasion. I was very excited, as this was the first time I was attending such conference, and was looking forward to learn more and meet others from other places.

So, on thr 23rd of September, I took the train to the CPH Airport were we all met, those travelling from Denmark. The 4 from GN ReSound were so nice, and everything was arranged so perfectly. We flew to Bergen Airport, were we met the others from the other countries, and we went to the Radisson Blu Hotel at Bryggen in Bergen.







I’ve already checked everything about both the hotel and the city, and was so excited to see everything. Unfortunately it rains about 200 out of 365 days in Bergen, and rained continuously the 3 days we were here.. But Bergen is still a very beautiful place :)


I know Radisson Blue Hotels have some pretty good and lovely rooms and food, and I was definitely satisfied! Loved my room, and loved the buffet that was arranged for us ;)

.....This was only 1 of 3 tables with breakfast Ö :D


Buffet and deserts, day 2:






This panna cotta was too good ;)


Buffet and desert, day 3:



The NAC took place the 24th and 25th of September, and we had some very good and useful lectures from some leading personalities – and guess what, I met Stig Arlinger and Jürgen Kiessling; both awesome professors, which researches I was using in my thesis back in 2013. This thesis actually included some equipment made by GN Otometrics, and they actually have made some kind of same project that they were talking about on the conference. I was like OMG! Okay, I already knew about 90% of what they all were talking about, probably because I’m holding a master’s degree in audiology, and have been reading and researching a lot about those topics. But I was still happy to be confirmed in what I’ve done so far, now THIS was a pretty good feeling :P







We hadsome sparetime that Thursday, so some of us went for a walk in Bergen, and got to see a lot of beautiful and interesting things here. We also got to the top of the Fløy that is a popular mount in Bergen. The top of this mountain is about 320 metres above sea level, and has a maximum grade of 26°. We took the “Fløibanen”, which is a train service travelling from the bottom of Bergen to the top of this mountain, and we all enjoyed this little trip. Of course it was a little bit scary too, but I managed :P


This very kind man told us a small story about the danish vikings and kings, that once had some business stuff with the norwegians in Bergen. Quite interesting :)


On our way with the Fløibanen..



Unfortunately I didn’t get any good shots here as it was raining so much, and there were fog everywhere, but still beautiful ;)

Later on that day, we had a neat and lovely dinner that Thursday afternoon, and I was so happy that they took so much care about my vegetarianism and me ;) Just have a look at what I got for this dinner, it was so yummy :)

Yes, I actually had a non-alcoholic drink :P


Here, a sall part of the danish crew ;)







The 25th, which was the second and last day of the conference was very good too – here there were 2 hearing aid users too telling about their experiences about being hearing impaired and the use of hearing aids. This was quite interesting and very useful.

Later that day we came back home, and I took the train from CPH Airport to Herning at my parents’. I was so tired, as it was about 11 pm I reached home.



This was so beautiful :)



I am very happy that I got this opportunity to participate in this conference – hope to get more of such opportunities in future. I’ve always been used to teach others, so this was like “being back to school” haha :P




Bergen is definitely worth a visit, and I’m 100% sure that this is a place I’ll be visiting twice or more :D

Have a great evening ;)

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