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There have been some lovely tamil releases the past few months – both lovely compositions and great movies. I recently watched the movie “Thani Oruvan” starring the handsome Jeyam Ravi and her hotness Nayanthara. I normally love all Jeyam Ravi movies; he’s a charming actor and knows exactly how much acting to put into his movies. What’s surprising is, that his brother, Raja Mohan, has directed this movie with original script – so not a remake!

I was very surprised while watching the movie. It has a very interesting script and all the actors have done a very good job. Watching Aravind Swamy as the “villain”, and watching Nayanthara in a more prominent role was indeed beautifully shown throughout the whole movie. Definitely worth watching with its good message. Do watch it ;)

So now, you’ll probably have known which song is nr. 1 in September 2015’s top 10 list. Let’s have a look :)


1. Kannala Kannala – Thani Oruvan; Love this one, Hip Hop Thamizha has really shown that he can create a beautiful and romantic masterpiece.

2.Siru Nadai – Urumeen; I have’t heard about the composer before, but he has surely done a  very very, incredibly beautiful job in this one! Such a beautiful composition with the carnatic tough, and sung by awesome Karthik :)

3. Don’u Don’u – Maari; This is loved by everyone, I guess ;)

4. Konjalaai – Yatchan; This one is by Yuvan – do I need to say anything else? ;)

5. Neeyae – Pugazh; a very beautiful love song, describing the emotions of most lovers, I guess ;)

6. Podu Podu – Pugazh; I know this is far away from the other songs, but I really enjoy listening to this one, and is has a funy lyrics but a good message, btw!

7. Kaakaponnu – Yatchan; a different one from Yuvan, but enjoyable as the typical tamil “dance” number :P

8. Innum Enna – Yatchan; I love it when Yuvan sings, and his voice is perfect for this one. And love the violin play too!

9. Kaadhale Kaadhale – Indru Netru Naalai; Another lovely one by Hip Hop Thamizha. This guy has definitely talent.

10. Adada Onnum Solladha – VSOP; a nice duet song that makes you happy ;)

Enjoy! :)

~ AJ

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