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Hello lovelies,

Today I’m gonna show you looks of the 2 sarees I lately designed for the thiruvizha that was held in Herning. I’m usually not that type of girl who wear sarees, and avoid wearing them as feel a bit uncomfy in it. I’m much more into salwars, you can easily mess around and I feel they give you a young & fresh look.. Haha :P

If I ever should wear a saree it should only be because I’m performing and as my mum says, I “have to look professional”. Oh okay, well.. But guess what, this thiruvizha, I mean in these 12 days I wore a saree 3 times. I think this is the first time ever, that I even liked wearing it :P

I always design my saree tops on my own, have even stitched some of them if I’ve had the time for it. Something I surely make for all my tops is some kind of patchwork, all handmade. I love this kind of work, as it’s relaxing, and at the same time it adds some uniqueness to my dresses. So did I this time.

How did they look? :)

First, I ordered some very casual & simple cotton sarees. I bought them from England, one in blue and the other one in green. As I think it normally looks boring with both saree and top in the same colour, I normally wear something in contrast or buy sarees with tops in another colour. I think the beauty lies in this, so I decided to do the same again: Stitching both saree’s tops, but swapped them around.


The sarees did not have anything special on them except for a very boring golden border. So I ordered some other borders, got them designed and attached them to the sarees – my mum did this part for me, as I don’t have any sewing machine at my home ;) 



For the green top, I decided to add something unique: some patchwork (I got designed) and some “border” with stones I once bought in India:



For the blue top: I made some patchwork on my own by crocheting them. I used 3 colours so the top can go with any other saree (smart, I know :P ). I made 3 flower/feather shaped patches and some circular patches, and attached them to the top:



Playing with my new in - Canon baby! ;)







Everyone knows me a "the perfectonist", I don't even drop this attitude in saree draping :P


And here’s the full view of the 2 sarees:








I was very satisfied, and I even got some lovely compliments on both the saree looks ;)

Whenever I start talking about looks, makeup and stuff like that, I never stop :P While working at a hospital we're not allowed to wear any kind of nail polish, other kind of art on the arms and fingerrings etc. So what do we do when on holiday? :P 

Yes!! Have a look ;)




Aaaaand.. I love flash tattoos too ;) Been wearing all the summer, but mostly on the foot due to work. But this time I wore it on the arm :P


Finally some other looks too (from the thiruvizha) - or rather snap-selfies ;)




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