Who can live a positive life while having a negative mind? :)

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It’s not always fun, and everything is not always easy. We have all been there – situations where not everything is like what we wanted it to be. Life has ups and downs, and the real victory lies in how we go through these downs and survive. Friends that cheat on you, stressful job, love failure or let be anything else that make the life unfair. We all fight with something or someone, but are we all able to take it with a smile? Do we all have the capability to accept things their way and think that everything happens for a reason? ;) Some of us get used to it, “my life sucks forever” – some of us just think “ok everything is my fault”, and again some of us see the opportunity to learn in whatever happens. Which one are you? How do you deal with the difficulties you meet in your everyday life?


When I was younger I could easily get mad at people, and whenever someone gave me some critics I got so annoyed. By time I learned myself to think positive, and accept everyone and everything as it is. Because, nothing will get better if you behave negatively. Today I’m that kind of person who don’t get stressed, I don’t get mad at anyone. Moreover, if someone ever tries to hurt me, I just smile.

It’s not always easy to be cool and “take it easy”. If someone says something annoying or cruel, it’s not everyone who can just leave it. Here are some simple, but very useful “mantras” to stay positive:

1. Surround yourself with positive minded people

Meaning that you have to surround yourself with people, who light and lift you up, and keep your circle positive. Encourage each other and support each other. Ask yourself:

Who are the most negative people in your circle? When being around with them, how do they affect your mood and behavior? Do they have any kind of bad energy and does this reduce your positive thinking and performance? If yes – you don’t need them in your life, because you don’t need anyone whose only intention is to bring you down!

2. It’s not only about yourself

Try to put positivity and value into someone else’s life, and make them happy. Knowing that you are the reason behind their smile makes your life so beautiful. Surely, it will encourage you too.

3. Keep moving

Exercise has shown to be very good for your whole thinking, as it releases positive chemicals into your blood. Do any kind of exercise you like, let it be strength training, dance, boxing, swimming or something else. Of course, this is good for the body too! :)

4. Have a beautiful language

A positive language makes a positive mind. It’s that simple ;)

Use more of these positive words, and quit all those negative words – do we ever like people who always talk negatively to others? No? True ;)

5. Everything is okay

Whatever happens, keep telling yourself that “everything is okay”. Nobody is gonna hurt you, nobody is getting mad just because something didn’t work out. Yes, it takes time, but stress is worse.  


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