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Last Monday my parents and I went for a quick visit to Aalborg, where my brother lives and studies. He recently finished his B.Sc. in Industrial design, and their batch has currently an exhibition running consisting of their bachelor’s project, including both Industrial design, Architectural design and Urban design. I’ve been to Aalbrog several times, and it’s definitely my fave Danish town! Love the atmosphere and it’s architecture so much. It’s the place whether you want fun or just some coziness.



I fell in love with the school of Architecture and Design (I think that’s the name)! Have a look! :)








Next to this part of the Aalborg University there’s this beautiful “Musikkens Hus”. Check out its architecture. Lovely, isn’t it? :D



Enjoying some ice cream at "Nr. 14 Diner" in the town ;) And there was this girl playing piano in the front. I guess this piano just stays here, so everyone who likes, can play on it. Enjoyed it pretty much :)


Nearby my brother’s there’s this wonderful place too.. OMG, this is why I love Aalborg so much! If they just got some proper workplaces for someone like me, I’ll immediately move! :D :P



As it was becoming very late, my brother and I decided to order some pizza and some.. Sushi. I’ve never been into sushi, as I thought it was kinda “untasty”, but my brother kept telling that it’s not and that he wanted to eat sushi. So I bought him some, and we decided that both my mum and I should try it too (and I orders pizza just in case that the sushi was awful. And my dad only eats homemade food). So, we ordered some vegetarian sushis from Wasabi Sushi at Kennedy Arkaden.




So, I tried 2 at first, and I was absolutely amazed. They taste so good. YUMMY!! Definitely gonna try them once more :D

This has been my breakfast for some days. Strawberries, blueberris and mango - Healthy and so delicious :)


My family decided to stay at my apartment for 2 days, and my mum made food (as usual) AND deliviered to my work.And she even kept the food in my Le Creuset bowl so it'll stay hot. 



OMG, I’m so privileged to have such an awesome mum :D <3

~ AJ

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