Etnia Baby! ;)

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I’s not everyone who knows, but I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 4 years old. I started wearing them daily, but by time I did care less about them, maybe because I felt looking like a nerd :P For 2 years ago I bought some new ones, but I never managed to them as they never fitted me and gave me headaches. So I stopped wearing them, but initially felt very bothered about my myopia, so I ordered some new ones almost 2 weeks ago. I’ve normally ordered them at Profil Optik (and was very satisfied), but last time wanted to try something else, and bought at Louis Nielsen. As I was not so happy with it I this time decided to order from Profil Optik again ;)

I tried out several glass designs - none of them were those “Harry Potter-like”, that are “in” nowadays! I really hate the fashion right now, who wants to wear Harry Potter glasses?! :P Okay, I tried out some designs and picked up one from Etnia by Barcelona. They have some really good designs, and their frames are so lovely. I got my glasses last Thursday and after some adjustment I was happy! Suddenly I realized how poor my eyesight is (okay, only -1,50, but stil..). The one I ordered is black with a red twist, and all my colleagues etc. were like “wauw!” :D

Here are some pictures of my new glasses – Etnia by Barcelona ;)





And of course some selfies (Taken at work :P )




~ AJ

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