Sculpture by the Sea 2015

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sbs20Recently I had my parents on a visit, and my mum and I went to Tangkrogen in Aarhus, to see the sculptures at the "Sculpture by the Sea 2015". While talking about places to visit in Aarhus, one of colleagues told me about this sculpture event, that's held from 5th of June to 5th of July. This includes several sculptors wolrdwide, who have created sculptures for this event. If interested, you can help Aarhus to buy some of the sculptures too. My colleague is an artist, and he's very much into stuff like that. I immediately decided to visit this place, and first I went there with my friend, but this didn't come out well as she's not interested in art and sculptures at all! So as my mum loves stuuf like this, we later went to see the sculptures, and my mum definitely liked the place.

We enjoyed watching the sculptures (of course not all that was nice) and we enjoyed the seaside too. We later on went to the Dyrehaven, which my mum was pleased to see, as she loved those deers etc. ;)

Here are some pictures of some of the sculptures , I only took pictures of those I found interesting.





















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