Time to party, it's summer

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Living alone is not that simple, if you’re the type that loves to be surrounded by many. I’ve been living alone the past 7 years (OMG!), and I still remember how difficult it was in the beginning. Moving to a new place, where you don’t have any friends, and start to create a new network of friends was not that easy. I actually had difficulties in making friends, and I still have. However, by time I learned to make it, and now have friends in many places ;)

I really enjoy spending time with people and have fun. I know many describe me as crazy, but that’s how I am :P What’s life without fun ;)

Okay – yesterday we had the “summer party” at my work, and I was in this “party committee”/planning group. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there to all the meetings, as I had patients, but I think I still did a very good job. I suggested kickball if the weather was good – and it did – and as we planned to play bingo, I bought the gifts for this game too, and helped as much as I could.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s event. It was so much fun, and I guess everyone enjoyed the party. First we started eating cake (I didn’t, as it was Friday), and we then went to the University Park in Aarhus to play kickball. This was funny, and we enjoyed playing and watching each other running after the ball :P Look at my lovely “gold tattoo” btw!






It’s finally summer!! :D

Later we got back “home” and had dinner. I was not that much surprised with the food, as I, being a veggie, could not eat anything but pasta. Hm.. Anyways, I still enjoyed the time with my colleagues ;)




I and 3 other girls later went to the town on another restaurant, and I was back home very late. Was so tired that I immediately fell asleep :P

L and I had planned to catch up with 2 other former study mates today, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen, as one of the girls had to cancel it. So L and I decided to go for a walk, guess we walked about 5 km’s first, and then went to JNTJ to get some lunch and juice. This was so yummy :) We hereafter went for shopping, and I bought some new shoes from TOMS. I like their concept of giving away a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased. Amazing, isn’t it?




After the shopping we went down the streets and watched people getting ready for the Aarhus Pride and many politicians using this opportunity to get votes :P We walked home, and relaxed for an hour, and then went out for dinner, and walked the way home. I guess we’ve walked about 10-11 km’s today ;)

Now relaxing with a bowl of berries. It’s summer and I’m healthy! :D


Have a great evening! :)

~ AJ

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