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Past 2 days at work have been very relaxing. I had so much time to complete some papers for the audiology assistant-students and the coming students from the Uni. of Southern DK. In addition, I could make some other stuff ready for those starting tomorrow, and got clarified some doubts by my boss.


It’s been raining almost every day since May, and everyone’s waiting for the summer to come. I hope the weather will be appropriate coming Friday, as we have planned a summer party that day. I’m also a part of this planning team, and yesterday I went to Storcenter Nord for buying some gifts for the games, we’ll be playing at the party. This will actually be the first time I’m participating in a party with colleagues, and I’m looking forward to this one J

I’ve been way too excited about being this kind of “lecturer”/teacher/whatever. I’ve always loved teaching, my life as a teacher actually started many years back – in 2008. Starting at one point as a music teacher in Carnatic music, I’m now here; a special educational lecturer in Audiology. My dream came true, I’m where I thought I would be in 3-4 years. Yes, life is a miracle, and how you use your knowledge, and how you combine it with your talent is an art for itself. Knowing your strength and weakness makes you strong, and changing your weakness into strength is what it’s all about. Now I’m here, I’m exactly where I wanted to be. But as we reach our goals, new aims will be emerging. Creating the path to success is all in your hand ;)

June, here I come :D

May month has been full of unhealthy food (unfortunately :P ), so I’ve put of following aims to be achieved:

  • Training 3 times a week. I didn’t go that much to fitness last month, as I tried some other ways instead. But that was not enough, and I have to lose some weight :P
  • Walking at least 3 or 4 times a week.
  • Eat more of healthy food, and avoid eating out.
  • Spending more time on myself. I know I’ve been so much busy with spending time with others, and work. June and July are definitely going to be some tough months, as I’ll be working long shifts. Nevertheless, this should not prevent me from spending more time on myself ;)
  • Studying Hinduism. I love studying about my religion, and I’ve been posting several articles and smaller posts about Hinduism, that’ll be useful for many. However, I feel like getting away from this, so I have to be back on track, and study something I don’t know, and I have to share whatever I know and learn about Hinduism. Being the daughter of those, who started these “religious activities” in Herning, I feel privileged and happy, that both my parents know so much on religion, language and culture, which I have to share ;) Moreover, my mum teaches Hinduism and Tamil, and I’m happy that both my brother and I learn from her, and of course my dad too.
  • Finally yet importantly, I should avoid spending too much money on diverse stuff.

Let’s see, if all these are going to happen or not :P


Good night lovelies ;)

~ AJ

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