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I wrote about my May in yesterday’s post, and it also had a picture I took while watching the tamil movie Masss (aka Massu Engira Masilamani – what a weird title btw, loved ”Masss”).

You may already have known, that I’m a very big Suriya fan. Since his movie Kaakha Kaakha I’ve loved this man for his style, cute smile, and his talent in acting. He’s indeed one of the most promising tamil actor nowadays, and he’s my fave btw!

He has acted in several great movies, but I was very disappointed with his latest one, Anjaan. Of course his acting in this movie was very good, but the script was inadequate. So I was really looking forward to watch Masss, and as I luckily got some seats to book for this movie, I immediately booked the seats, and was ready from day 1 :P (I’m not that much into watching movies in theatres, but this one.. Obviously, yes :P )

If Suriya is my favourite actor, then Venkat Prabhu is my fave director, and of course Yuvan my fave music composer. Whatta lovely combo, right? :) Venkat Prabhu have “only” directed 6 movies till date, but all 6 movies have been so good. I’ve enjoyed every scene in all his movies, especially Goa, Mankatha and Masss.

Okay, let’s go back to the movie I was talking about ;)

Last friday, we went to watch Masss FDFS in Ikast. As I told you, I don't go so muh to the theatre to watch movies, but this one got me so excited, I felt like I HAD to watch this in the theatre. Here're some snaps ;)





Do you mind watching this hotness this close? <3 z3 <3 :D :P


Now, let's go to the main thing.. ;)

Masss.. The movie starts with Massu (Masilamani, Suriya), and his friend Jet (PremG), who are 2 local conmen, who run their life by looting big amounts from other gangs etc. Mass meets Malini (Nayan), who is in need of a big amount of money for getting a higher post at her workplace. While helping her, actually in a robbery,  Mass and Jet get into an accident, and yes.. What happens herafter is a secret, you gotta watch this movie ;)

Let me write 10 plusses and minuses on this movie ;)

First, the plus points: 


  • Acting of Suriya, especially as the Eezha thamizh character, Shakti. OMG, very good rendition of “our” tamil, and he does a very good job. Also the Mass character was awesome, but Shakti was even better ;) Shakti as a ghost is beautifully picturized, without any muscular movements in his face, with only eyes speaking. But also enjoyed watching the “human” Shakti ;)
  • The screenplay – VP always catches everyone’s heart with his awesome screenplays, and this time he definitely doesn’t disappoint us. The combination of horror and comedy is very well told and picturized, with a great sense of humour. I love to laugh, you know.
  • PremG – God, I love this guy, and I know the movie without him will be an entire fail. Very good job!
  • Yuvan – His BGM and soundtrack on this movie are really too good. Picture perfect ;)
  • The Mirror scene – I’m not telling. Just watch the movie. I loved it.
  • The editing & cinematography – Editor Praveen has done a very good job, with unpredictable cuts and marvelous editing. RD Rajeshekar as the cinematographer was an opt choice for this movie, very clean and neat usage of colours and angles.
  • Picturization of the songs Therikkudhu Mass, Poochandi and Piravi. I enjoyed watching the colourful Therikkudhu Mass, and it had everything into it – let it be choreography, costumes, staging, edting.. And I even more enjoyed Poochandi, especially the part where Suriya is walking on the walls, THAT. Was. Awesome. Do I have to tell anything about the Piravi song? This song, while watching it, gave me literally goosebumps, and even tears. Meaning of life in one song.
  • Ghost – ughh… Screaaaaammm. No, just no. This movie made me think of ghosts in another way. I believe in the theory of athmas, but this movie seriously gave me another way to wonder what ghosts are. They are athmas. And according to Hinduism it’s true – athmas will be searching for a way to get peace. And the fact, that Mass, after an accident, can see them was a great idea.
  • Parthiepan, Samutirakani and Jai – watching him on screen again was a pleasure, and he did a great job as the cop. Loved his jokes too. Samuthirakani as a villain. Yes, true. We all remember him as the hero from Sattai, and as the ironical daddy in VIP. But as a villain? That was actually a good thought of VP, and Samuthirakani did justice to this character. Jai, with a reference to his movie Engeyum Eppodhum was an awesome thought. Enjoyed this part of the movie.


The minus points:

  • The 2 “heroines” – The movie made me think “okay, were Nayan and Pranita really meant to be in this movie? For what?”. Sorry to say, Nayan is one of the most talented actresses, but unfortunately she’s been underutilized this time.
  • The “animation” part – VP did a very big mistake here. The scene with some ghosts/monsters chasing Mass and Jet were funny to watch, but the graphics were not good at all.
  • Naan Aval Illai – what happened to the choreographer during the shooting of this lovely song? Actually, Yuvan has beautifully composed this song, but the picturization was sooo disappointing.
  • The reuniting – The scene where Shakti reunites with his wife and daughter in “heaven”. I didn’t get it. I mean, Shakti had a “first wife” too, but what happened to her? :P And how could the wife and daughter, immediately after their deaths, disappear to this kinda heaven, but not Shakti?  Why didnøt the whole family not want revenge, but only Shakti? LOL (Too much of wondering, I know)

Couldn’t find any other negative points to point out ;)

All in all, an awesome entertainer, with very beautiful and neat cinematography and BGM, and something to think about :)

My rating of this movie: 4.5/5 <3

~ AJ

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