Hello June! :)

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Okaaayyyy, now it’s June – time is going too fast :P But I feel good, and hope the weather is gonna be better. The weather last month was so incredibly bad, that I kept telling everyone that there won’t be any summer this time. LOL. But beside all the rain, it has been a great month. Let’s have a look with some pictures ;)

Mother’s day – Something I don’t think is necessary, as I’m the one who think that mothers have to be celebrated each and every day. What are we without our mums? Mothers are God’s gifts, and the love a mother gives you is priceless. Never hurt her, keep respecting and caring for her! But okay, my mum loves chocolate almonds from Summerbird, and they had some special ones for Mother’s Day, so I bought a package with 300 g of almonds covered with chocolate and strawberry. They were so yummy! :)


I still keep working 10 hours every 2nd Tuesday, and I was enjoying staying indside while it was raining like.. Yah, you know :P And here’s a selfie to ;)



Sometimes I just decide to skip the lunch at work, I mean to not eat anything. Fasting in this way is good, as the body will try to burn off the fat in your body. One day my dear colleague F went crazy watching me “starving” (as she called it), and she gave me this homemade margherita pizza. Loved it btw! ;)


L and I enjoy shopping and have cozy times at cafés, and we sometimes go to Joe’n’ the Juice in Bruuns Galleri to enjoy a cup of freshmade juice.


Then F, L and I went to Pearl India In Aarhus. We all love spicy food, so I think it’s good to enjoy some freetime at the restaurant, and get some good food too ;) Here, I ordered an aloo tikki as appetizer, and a paneer makhani with rice. Later we went to Café Hollywood and enjoyed some cake :P





Here, enjoying some “Hangover Heaven” with Lisa in the train ;)


Finally L moved to Aarhus, and is now my neighbor. Yay!! :D We went to Ikea one day to do some “home shopping” – and I even found some good stuff for my home too.


Watching the Eurovision contest at L’s.. Eating loads of unhealthy food too :P




Now the mango season begins :P



Went for a walk with miss L, here the University Park. Love this place, so beautiful :)



Another rainy day... -_-'


L and I finally got some time to watch the Avengers. We both love Marvel’s, and enjoy every single Marvel movie. But first, we went for dinner and had some yummy dessert at “Lagkagehuset”. Beautiful cakes, no? :P





2nd last weekend in May, my family and I went to an exhibition consisting of sculptures made of chocolate. Yes! They were all made by Jeya mama aka Jeyaratnam Kanagasabai from Ikast. I’ll be posting more pictures soon..


Enjoying a walk and the Fuglsang sea in Herning.


Captured these beautiful lilacs in Aarhus. These are actually one of my fave flowers ;)


Here, some days with unhealthy food at work. You know, sometimes you just need this kind of food :P




And also when you’re at your parents’ :P


Last Friday of May was pretty awesome.. We went to the theatre to watch…..


Yaaayyyy, Masss! OMG, I love Suriya so much. My fave actor. Awesome movie. Will be writing a review soon.

Last but not least, another selfie of May ;) <3


Good night people! ;)

~ AJ

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