27th of May: Sema Mass

Written by Jiny on .

"Dubsmash'la sync aavoma? Twitter'la trend aavoma?

Singathoda singaaridhaan, naanum neeeyum sernthupudda - Semma Mass" ;)

Yay, finally the long awaited Masss songs got released, and I'm really a fan of his Sema Mass song. I first listened to the telugu version (dunno why), and fell immediately in love with the song! And then I found the tamil verson too on Spotify - love these kind of songs, that make you dance ;) So here you go ;) 

Looking forward to watch the movie coming friday - I'm sooooo much in love with mr. Suriya ;) 

Aaaannddddd.. Here's is today's selfie too ;P


~ AJ <3

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