May '15: New Ins

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Okay, it’s been a while since I last bought something to myself. It’s almost summer (okay – it’s been rainy almost every single day in may), so I wanted some new shoes that are appropriate for this warmer weather! I was used to wear ballerinas, but after a kind of “foot injury”, actually a navicular drop, my physio almost have forbidden me to wear these ballerinas, as my feet are very flat, why the drop occurred. So I then began to wear these Nike Free’s (OMG, so lovely), and I already have some I bought for fitness, so I already knew how it’ll be – but I was not that good in taking care of my feets (yes, we all want beautiful shoes rather than comfortable :P).

Then I started walking with extra support (inserts), and I needed some shoes for summer, that can be comfortable with these inserts too, so I one day, recently, found these lovelies in Magasin in Aarhus ;) They are from Toms, got them for 500 DKK ;)



Then, a few weeks later L and I again visited Magasin, and then I found this one:



Yes – The Si Eau de parfum from Georgio Armani! Actually I was about to buy their new Eau de toilette, but the parfum version somehow smelled better, so I chose this one instead, and I don’t regret ;)

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