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Let’s have a look-back on april ’15. This month has been so awesome, and so far the best month – great weather and some great experiences!

Let’s start from the bottom; I’ve become a special educational instructor at my workplace, feel so blessed ;) I’ve always loved teaching, and my aim has to be an instructor/lecturer in Audiology. Becoming an instructor for the students at our workplace has been the first step – and I actually didn’t expect this to be fulfilles so quickly, as I only have 1½ years of experience in this field. OMG, this is too awesome, and I really love it! Next, I’m gonna be of one the 2 mentors and educational instructors for the coming audiology students from Uni. Of Southern Denmark – when my boss gave me this opportunity I was like “OMG I you kidding!!”, but she really meant it, and was not sure weather I would say yes or not, but I love challenges, and as this is another step into my life as a lecturer, I immediately accepted this opportunity, and I’m really looking forward to this. This only makes me feel learning more, and increase my professional level. What’s life without learning and challenges? What’s life without experiences, that make you getting ready for even bigger challenges? ;)

Well, I hope I’m gonna do a good instructor, and hope my knowledge will help coming students/audiologists. It’ll for sure be a great pleasure ;)

Yes, I'm the only who put random things into my passion :P


Continuing in the teaching’s track, I went to an “AMU” course too, for audiological assistents. Compared to my eduction, this is a “vocational education”, which means program only lasts 2½ years, and can be studied by “everyone” – you actually don’t need any secondary education to complete this program, which is why many adults study this to start one something new. Ok – I went to this course, that was a training program, held in Odense in medio april. My former thesis mentor was a part of arranging this course, and he asked me to teach about hearing aids tests – so I did! This was my second time teaching on this AMU course, and it went very well. I really love to tell others about my projects and topics I’m passionate about – and this was a very good experience, with some discussion too ;)


And a snap from Cafe Victoria, Odense - and this one was so yummy ;)


Later I went to Café Victoria in the Rosengårdcentret with one of my friends, and we had a great time. We then went to Aarhus, and I continued my holidays here, spending time on shopping and relaxing with some of close ones ;)


Not allowed to wear nail polish at work, so wearing it on holidays :P


Wearing the Ray Ban, i got for my birthday :)


Eating a veggie pizaa at Casa Mia - one of my faves in Aarhus ;)


Well.. What's life without silly moments... at work :P


Enjoying some frozen yoghurt after work, with L ;)

                      IMG 7190

And yes – as you know, I'm a blood donor, and I actually donated blood on my "nakshathra birthday". According to Hindu traditions, the days are dicided into nakshathras. There are 27 nakshathras, are all names for the lunar mansions, which means that each nakshathra is the moon's position in relation to the stars signs - each nakshathra is a division of 13° and 20 minutes. So at the time you're born is belonging to a specific nakshathra, and combined with your zodiac sign, this makes the backbone in your horoscope. So, the day your birth nakshathra falls in the month you're born (tamil month) will actually be your true birthday. It's believed, that doing good deeds on this nakshathra birthday brings you a prosperous life. And I was actually donating blood on my hindu birthday - didn't think about it till I checked the calendar, but okay.. Do we really do godd things knowing, that it will bring us good karma? No, so just be a good person, and do only odd things to others. Never hurt! ;)


And I got this that day - a foldable water "bottle" :)


That's it - now gonna relax ;) 

Have a  great evening.. Oh well, it's raining -_-'

~ AJ

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