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Is there any of you out there who feel like it’s much easier to workout in summer? :P Of course many of us feel much happier when it’s summer, and the winter make us feel kinda “euwww” – BUT that’s not a good thing, if you really want to workout without losing the motivation!

Are you struggling with this? Not only in winter, but just in general? Then look here for some tips ;)

Finding the happiness

Finding the happiness in training is really what makes sense to the whole thing – if you ask me. So find out what makes you happy about your workout; is it the thought of losing weight? Is it the feel of being healthy and fit? Is it the fun? Or something else? Find out, and keep thinking about this!

No bad excuses

It’s so easy to quit the workut with bad excuses. Most of us keep telling that “I never have time for it” or something like that. Or worse, the “I’ll do it tomorrow”-thing. NO WAY! Do it today, and you will never regret it ;)

Motivate yourself

Manye of us are good at being self-critical, and it’s only because we have too high expectations to ourself. Drop this kind of attitude – because what you do, and what you get out of it is really an achievement! Keep giving yourself compliments on your workout – because you’re doing really good!

Music music music

If you’re losing the motivation while working out, then try doing workout with some music. Music with a nice drop. Science has proven that music with about 125 BPM is best for workout. If you don’t know what to look for, try Avicii’s remixes – he is one of the most popular DJs in this kind of music. Not really surprised, then look for some good tracks on Spotify, or find some on YouTube ;)

The fitness buddy

Finding it boring to workout all alone? Then ask one or 2 of your good friends, and make a good workout buddy. Training with another makes it much funnier, and you’ll keep motivating and challenging each other. And this is a great way to spend time with your friend too! ;)

Well, these are my 5 best tips for getting some motivation for your workout. Finally, it’ll be helpful if you set an aim into it – losing some weight, strengthen your body etc. Now get started! ;)

Here's my result of today's workout ;)


~ AJ

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