#25Facts About Me ;)

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Hi guys.. ;)

While reding my posts in this blog, you might have thought about who I am. Well, here are 25 facts about me - Here we go! ;) 

  • I'm a veggie.. Born into a vegetarian family, I'm really proud being one. As some people don't like being harmful to pets, I don't like being harmful to all kinds of animals ;)
  • I always try to be positive, and see the good thing in everything that happens :)
  • I'm afraid of dogs, cats, spiders, bees, flies.. Yeah, you name it >_<
  • My family is everything to me, especially my brother. And I love spending money on him. Seriously $
  • Tamil language, Hinduism, carnatic music and audiology are my passions :D
  • Self-taught in playing the keyboard, mandolin and drums ;)  
  • Since my childhood, my wish has been to help others, especially children. My first step was to register myself as an organ donor and becoming a  blood- and stem cell donor :)
  • Another step in helping others, was becoming a sponsor for a child in India :)
  • I love sharing knowledge - that's the main reason for creating a blog 3 years ago ;)
  • I used to pinch my brother when he was a baby, because he never cried :P
  • First tamil audiologist in Denmark - Wohoo :D
  • I don't talk that much, and I seem very reserved in the eyes of many o_O
  • I love languages, and I currently understand 6 languages 8)
  • I like designing and sewing my own dresses. I always create my own saree blouses too, though I don't like wearing sarees, because I feel sooooo old wearing it -_-'
  • I start to smile/laugh when I do a mistake :P
  • I'm very picky in almost everything.. And my brother sometimes calls me a perfectionist, and I actually admit it -_-
  • I was named "Ameena" the first 3 months of my life - my parents then changed my name to "Apiraajini", and later "Abitajiny"
  • I love my name - Abitajiny. Actually pronounced as "Abiraajini" - It's sanskrit ;)
  • I don't like smokers and drankers :(
  • I'm afraid of driving cars... :-/
  • I can easily get bored, and love changes B)
  • Once had the honour to perform in the presence of Smt. Sudha Ragunathan :)
  • I hate hate HATE high heels  -_-
  • I love fitness, and any kind of martial arts - be careful :P
  • I can't live without chili ;'D
~ AJ



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