Thulasi, I love you! ;)

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Hm, the weather has been so weird the last few days. The complete change in weather has caused in illness to many. I thought mu immune system would be strong enough, but I forgot that I tend to have some allergenic reactions as soon as april/may begins. This time I have not had anything like hay fever, but I’ve stayed at home with migraine and an irritated nose and sneeze. Well, I hope to recover from the migraine very soon – that’s what really irritates me, and make me feel sick. So I’ve been at home both yesterday and today, relaxing and sleeping a lot – and drinking tea! Since childhood, I've been an ardent tea-drinker, meaning I drink at least a cup of tea every day! I don't think coffe, maximum 3-4 time a year, but tea..? I cannot live without tea! Let it be black, green, white, red, whatever.. That's we I even dedicated an entire blogpost to the word T E A ;)

 My sweet colleague S, who recently visited Sri Lanka, bought several packs of tea, and she gave me 3 packs, two of them from Dilmah. Dilmah’s tea are really good, and today I decided to drink a cup of the Ran Watte tea, which is one of Dilmah’s Watte-series. Watte, a Sinhalese word for garden, and Ran meaning “golden”, and this name really reflects in the colour of the tea and it’s taste! ;)


So, yes.. Sitting here in front of my laptop, trying to recover from this migraine.. Seriously, migraine is not funny. I’ve tried several medications, but gave up as none of them helped me, but only made it worse. I therefore chose to go different ways, and tried out with natural herbs – this really helps me!

Now I don’t get these migraine attacks as much as before (previously I had migraines 4-5 times a month, now only 1 in a month or less), and I’m so happy about it, as I better can concentrate on my work. Well, I take several natural herbs and ayurvedic medications, and I drink an herbal tea every morning, made of coriander, rose petals, cumin, horse gram and much more.

Some months (or maybe a year ago) I tried out Tulsi (Thulasi) tea, with real Tulsi plant and leaves. It was so fresh and really good in taste. I’ve since searched for a Tulsi plant but without success. I recently went to the Helsam in Herning, and found those tea selections from Pukka, and guess what? They also have a tea pack called “Three Tulsi” – yes, a mixture of three types of Tulsi, Green Rama tulsi, Purple Krishna tulsi and lemon Vana tulsi. The varieties of the tulsi plant is often referred with the names/avatars of Lord Vishnu.


I usually drink a cup of this Three Tulsi, especially when I have migraines. It helps me so much, to recover faster :)

How can this Tulsi plant cure headaches?

Tulsi contains the oily forms of Camphene, Eugenol, Cineole, Carvacrole and Methyl-Chavicole. These oils have analgesic, disinfectant and sedative properties. Additionally Tulsi also contains vitamin C and other antioxidants, and antibacterial effects. This is why Tulsi is so good, not only for headaches, but also for:

  • Stress – by maintaining the levels of cortisol (stress hormones) in the body, as it has anti-stress agents.
  • Beats diabetes – because of the essential oils, that help the pancreatic beta cells to function properly.
  • Protects the heart – because Tulsi contains the antioxidant named Eugenol. Eugenol helps the heart by keeping the blood pressure under control. It also lowers the cholesterol levels in the body. Buy a Tulsi plant, and chew a few tulsi leaves per day on empty stomach.
  • Cures fever – Tulsi contains anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties.
  • Dissolves kidney stones – Tulsi is diuretic, and being a great detoxifier, it is good for the kidneys. This plant helps to lower the levels of uric acid in the blood. Drink a juice with tulsi leaves and honey every day for about 6 months.
  • Keeps the skin and hair healthy – eating the tulsi raw helps to purify the blood, which results in healthy hair and skin, and removes acne. It also reduce hair fall. For these effects, you can eat the tulsi raw, or drink tulsi juice/tea or just add the tulsi as a paste to your skin. For reducing hair fall, you can mix tulsi paste with coconut oil and add to the scalp.
  • Beats breast and oral cancer – because tulsi has very strong antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties.


Have a great day! :)

~ AJ

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